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  1. Alright, well, months later and I've had to change up a few things. BP for 2 days followed by mandelic acid the next was working okay for a while, but now the BP burns and my face gets extremely red and dry if I try to put it on, even if I leave a day inbetween mandelic acid and BP. So, I think I'm going to have to drop BP. I may switch to using mandelic acid every second day rather than every third day in this case.
  2. Alright, thanks. I'll leave out the BP on days when I used the mandelic acid.
  3. That is, would this order be okay for a given evening: Wash Face Dry Apply Mandelic Acid Wait 30 minutes Apply BP Wait 10 minutes Apply Moisturizer I'm wanting to add in mandelic acid to see if it can help me with my blackheads, but I'd like to keep BP in there as well if possible. Is something like that okay, or should I skip using BP on the days I apply mandelic acid? Thanks!
  4. What would you recommend as comparable products on Well.ca?
  5. Alright, for the past 2 years or so I've been using Dan's BP, Cleanser and AHA+ (BP and AHA at night, Cleanser in the morning and night) and a moisturizer. For a while there, things were looking good. I have mild acne and it calmed it right now. I also, however, have always had problems with blackheads and non-inflamed acne. Those have not been fixed and have taken over my upper cheeks and forehead. And, now, it appears that my inflamed acne is slowly but surely coming back. My overall skin to
  6. Here's a pro-tip for you folks: Most the charges that UPS/Fedex charge are "brokerage fees". They charge this fee because they "filled out" the paperwork for you at customs, saving you the time it would take to clear your package yourself. If they deliver it and want to charge you horribly large amounts (that go above and beyond the $5 + taxes fee that may occur if it was shipped via USPS --> Canada Post) just tell them you will clear the package yourself. If they're not having a bad day the
  7. If you still have acne as well you could try getting on a retinoid. Oddly enough a few days after starting using Steivamycin (0.05% tretinoin) again my oilyness was minimized by at least 50%. It sure beats dabbing at my face with Kleenex every few hours...
  8. I used it for about 1 year in the past and it worked great (I'm starting using it again today actually...). I'd say it started working for me almost immediately The only thing I noticed was that it didn't seem to stop future acne, just make the present stuff go away MUCH quicker/become a lot less severe. IE: Almost every pimple I would get during my course of using Steivamycin was of the extremely mild kind that was barely red at all, and never came to a head. They would disappear in a few days
  9. Heh, I know exactly what you're talking about. It's weird actually, I look so much better if I angle a hand mirror such that I can see my reflection in the bathroom mirror through it. Seems a bit, er, 'weird' to do, but when I'm feeling really down it helps me to get out of the house. I just hope THAT image is how people see me (or, perhaps even better!)
  10. It must have been something to do with the lightning or the flash or something (or maybe I was just really camera-shy and got embarrassed taking a picture of myself ), because my skin isn't red at all normally. Thanks for the comments by the way. I just can't bring myself to believe that this is not too bad...I don't know, I think it's the combination of the scarring and the sudden super-oilyness of my skin that has set me off (It's weird...as my skin got less acne on it it got more and more
  11. Ok, thanks again for the advice, it's greatly appreciated as always! Only problem is finding out where to buy these things in Canada, it's always been my experience that it ends out being very tough to find a store that contains <product x> whereas 'every' store in the US sells <product x>...
  12. Ok, and I'm guessing it would be far better to get something like that professionally done rather than buying those 'microdermabrasion kits' that you can buy? I'm just worried about the cost of that!
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. Actually, I just starting trying out the Aspirin face mask thing yesterday, so I'll see if that actually makes any difference!
  14. Backstory: I've had trouble with acne for a few years. It's finally starting to die down now (I only get the occassional red spot, no pimples that come to a head or anything anymore) except for the blackheads (supposedly). Throughout my course of acne I had always had big trouble with blackheads mainly right below my lip and on my closer to my nose. Now, I am having trouble determining exactly what the problems on my close-to-nose cheeks are... Are they blackheads? If so, they much be pretty d
  15. I'll have to give that a try then, thanks for the suggestion! I do live in Canada though, so hopefully Walmart will sell it over here.