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  1. im sorry you cant go to the derm that really sucks i feel for you.I hope somehow you get the help you need.
  2. yeah thats what I mean when I wash my face in the morning.I gotta wash it at least once a day right?guess ill use a non medicated soap like cetaphil soap for dry skin is good I guess.
  3. I have two neutrogena moisturizers both are non-comedogenic but one says hypo-allergenic and the other says allergy tested.does allergy tested mean the same thing as hypo allergenic?
  4. heres some info for you to read.Food Allergies1 food allergies2
  5. its really up to you but if its making you're skin to dry then put the cream on first then about 15 min after that put the moisutrizer over the cream.
  6. so you didnt really break out much thats great...did ever get a headache from accutane at all?anyway i dont mind saying what I take i take prozac mainly for anxiety to.i dont really like blood tests but i guess if i wann go on the stuff and end acne i guess i gotta.heres hoping my derm lets me on it after a while and i dont get an initial breakout..
  7. thanks guys think ill tell him others are on it.im not sure what you guys take.send me a pm and let me know ok?thanks for the help...by the way did you get an initial breakout and how long it last?how many mg did the derm start you on?thanks
  8. dude you take 200 mg of zinc a day im happy its working for you but that can be really bad for you..did you change you're diet at all?..do you eat dairy and fast food?soda?just wondering...you may wanna read this link.zinc info
  9. I think i have had acne longer than any of you have be on this earth and it sucks i hate it.
  10. it sounds like its dry to me not really sure.keep using moisturizer and use one with a spf sunscreen in it.cold weather is hard on skin.
  11. how many watts are the lamps on acnelamp.com? do these light burn the skin at all ?im wondering if you use retin a or aczone that makes the skin dry if this would even be safe to do.anyone know?
  12. my derm wont put me on accutane cause im on a antidepressant.should i go see another derm or should I really not go on accutane while on a antidepressant?i told him im depressed cause i get acne the accutane would end that i hope after months of being on it.
  13. I read that neosporin may help it to it helps kill the infection maybe try that put it on at night when you go to bed.but if its not gone a a few days get it injected with a cortisone injection it willbe gone in a few days.i wish you luck my friend.
  14. go to a dermatologist and get a cortisone injection it will be gone in a few days.it may hurt a little but then it will be gone.I know how you feel I get those on my nose to and it sucks.those suckers are hard to pop to but please try not to pop it ,it may make it worse.