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  1. Same thing happens to me after my dermabrasion. Prior to the procedure, only big pimples left me with scars, and only when they were constantly picked at did they leave a scar. However, after I had dermabrasion, some blackheads and those flesh-colored bumps on my cheek area leave a scar as well, when sqeezed. I attributed that to the fact that my skin was delicate after the dermabrasion, but it has been almost a year since the dermabrasion, and even now, the blackheads and/or the small bumps wo
  2. Hi, I began to develop milias after dermabrasion, and each one of them had to be extracted individually. I had them extracted by an esthetician, and the way she did it was to prick the surface of the milia, then using a lancet, forced it out. It was quite painful, especially since I had so many of them.. If you don't want to remove them by extracting them, I heard that using products containing Retin-A or salicyclic acid helps to get rid of them by exfoliation. However, that would take some tim
  3. Hi Kipster, Do you mean the pus-filled pimples, which are not swollen or doen't feel hard to the touch? If they are what you mean, I experienced them too at about the time I finally went off vaseline and until I was using the eucerin cream. I left mine alone, since they went away on their own in a couple of days. My advice to you is not to pop them. If they get out of control and you get just too many of them, the best thing is to call the dr. who performed the dermabrasion on you. Good luck~!
  4. Hi, I did have punch-floats on some of my ice-picks without dermabrasion following right afterwards, although I did eventually get dermabrasion two months ago. Well, the punched areas before the dermabrasion, they did become level with the surrounding skin ( most of them ). However, when I looked at them closely, the outline of the punched areas were visible. It did look better than when they were depressed, but I could tell which areas were punch-floated and even when I wore make-up, they we
  5. Personally, I don't care about mild to moderate amount of scarring on a man's face. Of course, I would notice them, but that wouldn't stop me from dating him if he had other qualities that I liked. My current bf has a quite bit of scarring from acne, much more severe than my own even before I had dermabrasion or any other treatments. However, I never thought the scarring on his face was a turn-off as I liked other qualities about him. However, if a person's face is severely scarred, then it'
  6. Hi there, as few people mentioned above, the orangey feel of the skin is one of risks of dermabrasion or any other deep abrasive procedures. It doesn't happen to everyone who has the procedure, but it can happen. I don't know what could help you to resolve the problem, but for your lingering pinkiness, Clinique now makes line of skincare called CX, and this specific line of skincare products is targeted at helping skin to recover more rapidly after cosmetic procedures. I'm sorry i cannot be