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  1. Hey, I'm curious: Which cleanser and moisturizers are you using? Thanks!
  2. Hi. I'm using Differin .3 gel for my acne. I have very oily skin, but it is sensitive, it seems. When I use cleansers with sulfates (ammonium or sodium), I tend to get white, dandruff-like flakes on my face. Can anyone recommend any cleansers that are sulfate free that are good for someone with oily skin? Thanks.
  3. I don't know what advice anyone can give you. It's the same medication, but less potent. If anything, you should be less in need of advice, because you'll most likely have less irritation (if you had any before) and so on and so forth. I'm not sure it's going to help, though. Was this your idea or your doctor's? Differin should reduce the pore size not enlarge it. I don't know that a weaker strength is going to make the problem less significant; and you may get acne again, because th
  4. Any of you Differin users using a sunscreen or sunscreen/moisturizer combination (must have sunscreen) that you like and recommend? My skin is very oily, so it should be something light.
  5. I think you should follow your dermatologist's advice and if you don't like the result after a couple of weeks, you can always go back to using the moisturizer.
  6. Well, you are a woman, so it's possible that it's hormonal, which isn't something I know anything about. The one thing that you could try would be using benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment after applying the Differin. BP does not conflict with adapalene. I would talk to your dermatologist, though. If it's been nine weeks, it wouldn't hurt to check in.
  7. Yes, you should continue using it. You can use it forever, provided it doesn't cause you irritation.
  8. No. Use a fake tanning lotion. Google reviews of them. Some of them are all right. Do you use sunscreen daily? If not, that may be why your face looks tan. Your face is more sensitive to sunlight than your neck, because of the Retin-A, so it is more likely to color.
  9. No. Probably not a good idea to use two retinoids simultaneously. You could, maybe, alternate between them nightly.
  10. Yes, it has helped with that. It has evened out my complexion all around.
  11. I would not recommend adding the BHA to your routine. I would wait. If you add it, it may help, but it may make things a lot worse, in which case you're screwing yourself over. You could/should talk to your dermatologist about it if you do decide to do it. You just have to be patient. It's a pain in the butt, but, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. Don't sabotage yourself with a bunch of attempts at a quick fix.
  12. If you are seeing some results, which it seems you are, that's a good sign that the medication is working effectively. You are supposed to give the medication 12 weeks, which means you have four weeks to go. Even after 12, it may still require some more time. That you have seen improvement is a good thing, right?
  13. A question: Do you have REALLY dry skin? The reason that I ask is because you're using a lot of products designed for someone with dry skin. The Cetaphil cleansing bar is for dry skin. You're using a moisturizer twice a day. The Differin CREAM is designed for people with dry skin. Acne is typically associated with oily skin. Now, I know that's not always the case, but you are using A LOT of moisturizing stuff. It can be too much of a good thing. Also, I think it's generally considere
  14. I would stop using the Dermalogica. After 12 weeks, or so, when your skin is used to the Differin, maybe you could try it again. I would not continue to use it in the beginning.
  15. Neither one is better than the other. I assume you're talking about Differin .1 gel and .1 cream. There is also a .3 gel. The .1 gel and .1 cream are the same strength of adapalene (the medicine in the Differin). The difference between them is in the vehicle (the other ingredients in the medication) through which the medication is delivered to your skin. The gel is for people with oily skin. The cream has some sort of moisturizer in it and is better for people with dry skin.