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  1. I think I paid $200 in my lifetime to get clear. What a bargain, but if I was desperate. A lot of my income after I graduate college.
  2. Try bio oil at a mild level with SPF, see how that goes. It worked for me until I broke out again, because I over applied. That stuff is oily, ONE drop is enough for an entire forehead or cheek. I never tried anything else, ACV did nothing for me. Depends on what your skin is like, but bio oil with good SPF should do the trick, stop BP also.
  3. Oh Gosh, That's NOTHING compared to my skin. I think you should let it heal by itself don't use BP, and try using SPF 15. I don't recommend using BP anymore or anything that aggravates your skin keep it sensitive. I recommend cetaphil wash and lotion with spf for gentle good care.
  4. It's sold in CVS, I always buy it at CVS but not all CVS's. For best results, I find that gently massaging for 10 to 20 minutes really helps my red marks, not just applying and leaving it on. Good luck!
  5. First of all, he obviously needs help with red marks. I suggest going sensitive sensitive sensitive treatments. Here's what I do, maybe you can try it. Harmless stuff and all natural. Morning, nothing but some good ol' SPF. Night, here's where the treatment comes. Wash with Cetaphil sensitive skin. Aloe Vera Gel applied before sleeping. Vitamin C supplements. Vitamin A beta Corazene (helps acne so much) supplements, don't over eat any of these. I drink Aloe Vera Gel, from forever living produ
  6. I drink soy milk, I think it's a great alternative. When I drank a lot of milk, I got these huge cystic acne in my hairline. Not pleasant, I only drink soy milk now and it helps me from not breaking out. Soy milk has a great amount of calcium and nutrition and helps you lose weight.
  7. Great post! Really gives us all hope about our redmarks, time flies by faster. Before you know it, you'll be redmark free. Thanks!!
  8. I'm glad you've come to trust God. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain move and it will move. Honestly, when it comes to praying.. it's the motives. Are you praying for your glory or for God's glory? You want a perfect life for yourself and not even think about God? There's a lot of people that don't believe in religion or God, but I tell you Jesus is the truth and the light. The only way to get to Heaven, God loves us so much He sent us his only Son to d
  9. First of all drug addictions are the worse, be glad of the health you have now. Obviously everyone is different in different ways. Different health problems or different problems in general. Many different factors on why people have acne.
  10. “Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like.†-- Will Smith Life is short, obviously people want to look good. The thing is when you are trying to look good your whole life, you won't live your life because you'll keep constantly trying to look better. My dream isn't to become the best looking person in my office or classroom. My dream is to travel the world and see new things. Appearance is so overrated and I believe that
  11. Obviously that professor doesn't think before he says anything. That's really rude man, I know how you feel. Just ignore it, life goes on. Be polite to anyone even if they are rude to you, you know what's right. No need to do the eye for an eye thing, stay polite and sincere. I believe that's a good thing to do and not overreact over such small things.
  12. I heard the crying is healthy from an article. Relieves built up emotions and gets rid of toxins. I think acne would benefit from release of emotional stress and toxins. A punching bag and loud music is how I vent my emotions.
  13. I dance every week, my skin is okay now just red marks to take care of. The thing is when I dance my forehead gets really red but the rest of my face is okay. I think it's from the BP from a long time ago. Is this permanent? I don't really mind this but my forehead turns like fire engine red. Will this go away after sometime?
  14. Sounds great, especially at the fact that you typed this in caps lock. What are the ingredients? It's pretty expensive too.
  15. Oh, without make up. I think in time your red marks will fade and your insecurity will fade, so everything's going to great for you, haha. Soon enough you won't even need to wear make up!