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Karen in Tallahassee

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  1. I had 2 copper Paraguards & would have another one in a MINUTE. I was variously clear or broken out . . . depending -- but it had NOTHING to do with the Paraguard . . . over 10 years. They are hormone-free. The only thing, I suppose, that could cause a reaction is if you happened to be sensitive to copper . . . I mean, people react to nickel, for example . . .
  2. What about kinds with Salicylic acid? I've been trying Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation & Almay. I'm not sure what i think yet . . .
  3. Waxing acne-prone skin = BAD NEWS LADIES. Occasionally I can get away with waxing my lip (brows are rarely a problem), but had the sides done once & it was a HUGE ERROR. Sometimes my lip with freak out, too . . .
  4. *something* was causing me to break out -- and what I recently added was physicians formula pressed mineral powder. I finally gave it away & have not had any sudden flares like I'd been having -- so I'm only about 99.9% sure it was the mineral powder (Physician's Formula) that was the culprit! I'm almost 36 & have had acne since 6th grade. Karen