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  1. accutane does dry you up, so you may feel thirsty. But if you're still feeling extremely thirsty, have excessive urination, or sweating. I would tell your doctor and get yourself checked out.
  2. I just started taking accutane for a week now and so far I have noticed that my lips and the area around my nose and parts of my face are starting to get dry and a little flaky. Its summer, so I've been drinking plenty of water, moisturizing, using sun block, and wearing tons of chapstick. I normally use any type of chapstick as long as it has an SPF. For my body lotion, i'm just using a scented one from bath and body works, i usually use ammonium lactate lotion (my derm said its okay to use),
  3. I'm going to be starting accutane soon and also wondered about what moisturizers to use. At home I use Dermalogica's Gel Cleanser and I use tea tree oil sometimes. For lotion I use Amlactine (Ammonium Lactate), does anyone know if these products are still okay to use when i start using accutane?
  4. Thanks for the help so far, I've uploaded two pictures, one of my face where most of the acne is and my chest. Face: as you can see it looks like I have acne on my jaw line when actually they're scar tissue and about 1 or 2 of them are actual pimples. My cheeks usually don't get pimples but I broke out recently and so far they're going away and my cheeks usually don't leave scar tissue just a dark mark. I took a picture of the left side of my face because that is where i have the most acne/sca
  5. So I've been struggling with mild to moderate acne, I don't think I have super bad acne; I get the occasional cysts (usually during my period) and i usually have a few pimples around my face. I also get chest and back acne. The problem is that whenever I do breakout the acne usually forms into a scar (only at chest and back). I have several scars on my jaw line but they don't bother me that much. Anyway, I always had acne since high school and now I am 24 years old, i started off taking Benzoyl
  6. ashD


    Im glad to hear that you found a regimen that works for you!! I also have severe body acne and allergic to BP, used Neutrogena body wash (no results), differen gel, deocycline, clindamycine...the list goes on... i still haven't found anything helpful, i'm really going to try out your regimen! wish me luck! again congratulations! ashd by the way, where can i purchase sulfur soap?
  7. Just wanted to know if exercising helps with clearing up acne?? also any explainations on why would help. thanks! ashley
  8. ok well i started to regimen about a month and a half ago and for a couple of weeks is was working well. But all of a sudden my skin started to get really really dry. Currently, I am breaking out again all over my neck and i never broke out this much before! i mostly had problems on my chin but now im getting big cysts on my neck. I haven't changed anything and used the products recommended for the regimen. my skin is flaky right now and i have to really really moisturize my skin and during the
  9. thanks for a reply, its good to know that im not the only one out there that has this problem, but it sucks for both of us! have you tried anything or read anything that can stop this problem? i have 4 on my chest and some on my shoulders, i hate it cause i can't wear tank tops or vneck shirts. even if i have no pimples on my chest or skin, those scars are there and its horrible! ive also had them for years too!!
  10. Does anyone get body acne that usually forms into a scar, like a keloid? cause whenever i get a pimple on my chest or back it usually develops into a scar, i never pop or scratch them but for some reason they always turn into a scar. i have asian skin, so maybe thats the reason, but is there any way to prevent this from happening? i moisturize as much as possible (cetaphil) any ideas? thanks
  11. Thanks for your input, anyways so far my results have been a little better not much of a change, i just started differin, so far its been about 2 weeks, i haven't had any breakouts yet, but i usually break out when im on that time of the month. Ive been on doxycycline for about 3 months and i guess its helping, i broke out with cyst but haven't seen a lot like i usually do. and for my keloids, the cordran tape, i know longer have any irritation from my keloids and it made them softer, some of
  12. I was wondering if anyone has taken or been treated with any of these medications? I've been presribed to all of these for treatment of acne and keloids, and was wondering what kind of results people had. thanks!
  13. Does anyone know any good ways to prevent keloids? Because, when ever i get a pimple on my back or chest it usually forms into a Keloid. So far i have 4 keloids on on my chest that I am getting treated for, I have had monthly steroid injections and using Cordran Tape when needed, so far some of them are getting flat but they're still visible. I hate the site of them, and right now, i can see another one forming from a pimple i have. My dermatologist even tries to prevent me from having any more
  14. Hello, just wondering if anyone has used Cordran Tape for their keloids? I just went to the derm a few days ago and they prescribed me a roll of Cordran tape to treat my scars. Wanted to know if anyone has had any good results.
  15. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried scar guard or sil gel. I just know they're really expensive products but read some good reviews on it. Scar Guard