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  1. unfortunately my face has gotten worse. all my progress has been ruined. anyway it was so bad today i decided i couldn't go to school because i didnt want to be embarassed all day. the first thing i did was go to get gas, and of course at the gas station the guy I paid decided that he should give me a 10 minute speech on how to cure acne while my car was being filled. He said i must have a dirty intestine and thats why i have acne. he also said that if someone else pops a pimple for you, that
  2. i experience some back pain every time i bend down it feels like it but i guess we just have to suck it up for awhile... im hoping itll be worth it. btw im happy for you that you are taking care of this problem as a freshman, ull be so happy your next 3 years. right now im a second semester senior so i wont be done until the summer, but at least i have acne free years in college to look forward to lol.
  3. hey guys, i think im on like day 16 or something like that. times going by pretty quickly. overall im very impressed by accutanes effect and im rly starting to clear up. my face still has some bad red spots but overall it is improving and im only 2+ weeks in. i cant wait to see how i look 2+ months in side effects: dry lips dry skin sore back some nosebleeds not too bad at all
  4. hey, glad accutane is working for you. im also in my first month and have had one beer on 3 seperate nights. im curious as to how ur bloodwork comes back so as soon as you know if u could share it id really appreciate it. goodluck!
  5. dont worry lol i havent drank at all. today was day 5 i think. i got my first nosebleed while on accutane, although it started when i got elbowed in the face by accident while playing basketball. otherwise the side effects have been fine. my face is SLOWLY getting better although it still looks pretty bad. i think some of the redness is going away. hope everyone else is happy with their skin, im out
  6. DAY 3 hey guys, day three went well and my face actually might be improving a little already. hopefully a bad IB doesnt come the side effects rly rnt that bad yet and im on a relatively high does (60 mg and only 145 pounds). anyway im confident just knowing that im going to look good again soon and life is fun goodluck to everyone else!
  7. today is the end of my second day. my face hasn't changed much. i have been having some headaches and some joint pain, but its not that bad and im just dealing with it. lips are starting to dry. hopefully i see some improvement in my skin soon
  8. hey guys, this is my first time trying accutane and im pretty nervous and excited. ive had acne for many years but was always able to deal with it because it wasnt awful, however this year it has become very bad and i consider it severe acne. im hoping accutane can help me beacuse the other stuff has not worked and im running out of options. im i my senior year in high school and ive become pretty self conscious every day with my skin and have lost most of my confidence. hopefully i can get it
  9. haha its not rly peer pressure but rather i want to have fun. u only get one prom in ur lifetime u kno. and skierman thanks for posting. im not worried about actually damagin my liver as much as i am the doctor finding out i drank and cutting off my treatment. he was really strict saying i cant drink at all and that he will kno if i have just one beer. however ive researched this alot and ppl say as long as u dont drink excessivley u will be fine. so yea lol, i just dont want the doc to find out
  10. o well i hope everything is ok. i cant believe just half a beer can be noticed in blood tests. had u drinken before this while on accutane?
  11. hey, im about to start taking accutane and am willing to stop drinking for the most part. the one problem is that im a senior in high school and prom weekend will be during my accutane course. my freinds will all be drunk for basically 72 straight hours and i want to be able to celebrate also. i understand i cannot get hammered, but do u think it wuld be ok to drink a couple beers a day while on accutane. perhaps i could stop taking my pills for a week? please share any information or personal e