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  1. does anyone know if the second or third rounds of Accutane add to the cumulative dosage?
  2. Hi, anyone has experience with Vitamin A 10,000 IU once a day? I am trying it out (has been 3 days), and it seems to help. I was on low-dose accutane (10 mg), and the effects of Vitamin A seems to be similar to low-dose accutane, just even milder.
  3. Hi, " Betacarotene, a precursor form of vitamin A typical of vegetable sources such as carrots, is selectively converted into retinoids, so it does not cause toxicity;" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypervitaminosis_A In other words, betacarotene is very safe, it is unlikely to ever overdose on it, and the only side effect is skin changing color to orange. Other forms of Vitamin A, included those from animal sources like fish oil, are the ones that are referred to in the daily upper l
  4. Hi, I am 23 now. I must thank God that I am starting to outgrow acne. My face is also more than 80% less oily than before.
  5. yes definitely it is working! not only is the acne better, your skin looks fairer too! All the best!
  6. Hi, I am wearing spectacles (glasses), and on accutane. Actually it is only low dosage (10mg per day). Recently, I started to have breakouts and some redness near the point of contact of the spectacles with my nose. This is my second course, and I have seen great improvements, just that I am kinda worried about the rather red situation of my nose :S How do I deal with that? Any ideas? The good thing about it is that it cannot be seen by anyone, except me, since it is covered by my spectac
  7. I tried Dove Conditioner for Dry Hair, it works pretty well. I use it everyday, and only wash my hair with shampoo every other day.
  8. For me, the same things happen to the whitehead, they just flake off / get shaved off easily when I shave. For pimples that are reddish, strange things happen. The pus will come out eventually, but a dark red "shell" remains, even if I don't squeeze/touch it at all. But when I go off accutane, the red marks go off too. (I am on my second course)
  9. thanks a lot Siava and tv_viewer! is there any particular brand of conditioner that you guys recommend!
  10. Hi all, Before accutane, my hair was normal, in fact quite oily. I could shampoo my hair everyday, and it still does not get dry. After taking accutane, (I am only on 10mg daily), my hair started getting dry and frizzly. My hair is colored (dyed). Any one has any solution? Will conditioner help?
  11. Hi, I read online that accutane can cause slow wound healing. I have 2 questions, basically 1) why does this happen? 2) Is there any way to prevent it/ remedy this effect? This is my second round of accutane, I must say that it is starting to work soon after 3 days and I am only on 10 mg. However, the small pimples that I have take ages to heal, and it has a dark red mark after the pus flows out (i didnt squeeze it or anything, but I might have accidentally shaved it while shaving).
  12. Hey pls don't give up! I am on my second course of Accutane, first round improved but didnt cure it completely. Take it as perhaps a trial from God. Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. I am sure that with Accutane, you will be completely cured within a year, or even sooner. Take care!
  13. hi, pls dont be discouraged, i think the reason is you are still young so your oil glands are still very active, producing a lot of oil. Personally, I took one course of accutane (although at low dose), and now am on oral antibiotics. It looks like I may have to take a second course.. Don't worry, hang in there, once you are past a certain age, acne should no longer be a problem. Now just combat it with accutane, antibiotics, they are the best "weapons" you've got.
  14. Hi, I just finished 6 months of low dose accutane (10mg first month, 20 mg afterwards). I must say it has worked at least 90% well. The problem is, shortly after stopping it, my acne returned. Well, at least it is not cystic as before, but it is still annoying considering I am used to the joys of being acne-free My doctor insisted on my body taking at least 1-2 months break from accutane, so I am currently on Oral Doxycyclin 100mg twice a day, and also some topical antibiotics.. Has anyone
  15. is your friend a super model? having so many girls like him will cause him some headache at some point.. regarding your question, "How many people in the world can experience the joy of being able to get any girl he wants?" If it is too easy, then it wont be challenging anymore, would it? I am sure people enjoy the challenge part of dating too. maybe you can ask him on some fashion/beauty tips, i am sure it can help..