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  1. Hi, plateaukid

    I would like to know how is your scar right know after the saline injection did you get any permanent improvement? please let me know have a nice day! ;)

  2. Hi Stubborn, I've just had my 4th PDT treatment using V-Beam. It's suppose to be intended for those who have suffered more so from post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from past acne, as well as suppose to improve those red acne scars as a side benefit. So far I've been impressed with the results. Not cheap though.
  3. Well I went in for my 2nd PDT on Friday. This time I think my reaction was a bit stronger because they left the Levulan on a bit longer....I'd say by about an additional 15-30 minutes. Plus I sat in the Bluelight an additional minute (2 in total) after I had the V-Beam activate the Levulan. Right now my face still looks pinkish from the treatment. The parts he went over aren't peeling but it's more like a few very very little scabs and a somewhat crusty feel to other parts of the skin. I fe
  4. I finally started to see some peeling today but it is in only one or two areas on my face and not bad at all. I am really surprised at my reaction to the PDT and think I will be calling my derm. to ask him about this reaction since everything I've read suggested that I should have been expecting much longer down time. Heck, I felt comfortable going out two days after I had it done!
  5. It cost me $650 for the Levulan PDT with V-Beam. The office I go to recommends you do 3 treatments and if you pay for all 3 on your 1st visit there is a discount. So it is now about 30 hours after my 1st treatment and my skin still only looks like I had a mild sunburn. I did not have any active acne when I was doing this as I had been on prescripition topicals and antibiotics for a few months prior that kept it under control. I am waiting for my skin to start peeling like others have descr
  6. Had my 1st PDT today. Overall not so bad thus far. Basically it is what everyone has described. Washed face with Cetaphil first and then acetone was applied. Then the nurse applied the Levulan. 30 minutes after the application of the Levulan, she applied the numbing cream on top of it. Then it was allowed to sit there for another 30-40 minutes. Finally, she removed the numbing cream and had me wash my face with Cetaphil! Is this how it's suppose to be done?? Anyways, after that I had the
  7. Thanks for posting and plz keep us updated! I'm getting Levulan with V-Beam on Friday (1st time) and I am VERY NERVOUS. I have never done anything before that will require this much downtime. My skin type is light olive skinned Asian and thus I tend to hyperpigment from my old acne and acne scars easily. Well...we shall see what happens come Friday...
  8. Very good post. Thanks....some things to consider when I get PDT sometimes in the next 2 months.
  9. I would but I think I would find it extremely awkward that a bunch of us would gather and just stare at each other's imperfections. Just me....
  10. You could say that I've had this problem for at least 12 years....going way back to when my skin first started to get a bit oily...puberty of course. Right now my active acne is under control....I've been on this regimen since April of Solodyn tablets, sulfur foam face wash, Tazorac, and NeoBenzin 3.5% BP Cream. However, I do have a lot of scars and inflammatory marks left from old acne. So for me it seems Levulan would not only help with the acne but when you throw in the V-Beam it could
  11. Thanks for your reply. I'm actually seeing another derm. I feel that this could really benefit me esp. since he is using the V-Beam to activate the Levulan....I have a lot of inflammatory marks left from old pustules and it definitely seems like it could help. I just don't want the Levulan to seriously mess up my face because of my skin type. I really want to believe what he says because he appears to have done so many Levulan PDTs and was in my opinion one of the most professional dermatolo
  12. After seeing a really pushy derm for two months I decided to try another one. Now let me preference by saying that this derm I'm seeing now seems to be one of the best known derms in the area I live in (Los Angeles, CA) and has many people in the entertainment industry as his patients. He was very nice and actually took the time to discuss my options. Although he appeared to be a big advocate of Levulan PDT, he was not pushy at all. He offered me other options to the Levulan PDT, but did me
  13. Thanks for the reply. That's what I thought. I'm totally fine with that....just wanted to be sure because the derm I'm planning to see has a website where it appears he is a real advocate of Levulan PDT and I wanted to be cautious before seeing him.....the last derm. I saw tried to force me into something and made me uncomfortable. I have Asian skin and i'm slightly tanned/olive complected.. and the doc told me i couldn't use levulan b/c it would make my face totally black. that was about
  14. I've read quite a bit on Levulan PDT and from the posts I have read on here it appears that this is something that is not recommended for darker skinned individuals. Would that include someone with olive Asian skin too? I've tried lasers for acne and pretty much all the topical and antibiotic prescription medication out there and was looking into Levulan but want to know if my skin type would make this a big no no, asides from the fact that I may have a bad reaction to it like some on here hav