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  1. First thing, good luck on the regimen :), and I don't think you are as bad as I was when I started so hopefully you should clear up sooner. Advice: 1) buy jojoba oil, it is the key to not be too flaky, try it just at night so that you do not look greasy during the day and I know you may be thinking, oil? On my face? It’s not actually oil it’s more of a wax I could not live without

    1. I love the coverage, it is like gold it will cover anything and it is the only maybelline that comes in 2.5 medium which is the only makeup that matches my skin, expensive or inexpensive. but it cakes on dry skin and it made me break out its not worth the covarage and mineral makeup made me break out worse lol
    2. I get huge clumps in my eye brows and it would dry out the skin under my eyebrows and it would drip into my eyes so I started dipping a tissue in water and just doing a circle around my eyes it has worked really well for me
    3. wow you are really clearing up! good luck with the next month
    4. are you kidding everyone at my school is named feathrglass XP

      1. so last night I used a jojoba oil rub and my skin looks soooooo amazing and felt really good so I did one this morning and put some jojoba oil on my forehead before I put on my BP so I figured that I could use spf b.c I was worried that I was getting a sun burn on my face but my flacky ness would not allow me to use anything else but Dan's lotion with 6 drops of jojoba oil and I still looked greasy but today my smart ass deiced to use the spf and of boy my skin flaked so bad that my lotion
      2. thanks :) it has been hard b.c I would caked on the makeup too. when I start up with the makeup again I am going to do it lighter too.

        1. haha featherglass is my secret ID too. every one assumes that is what is on my birth certificate...........C: jk jk

          1. wow I wish I had started this regimen when I was your age but one thing have you told your mom/dad/guardian about it b.c your face will start to peel and my mom gives me crap for putting the stuff on and am 18 XD
          2. I moisurize both day and night and the first couple days it did not flake but ooooh boy that like 3 day was horrible and let me give you an example of not moisurizing is my hand it would get BP on it but i guess not enough moisurizer its bleeding now am being more carfull of where the BP goes my face is dry but not any where near where my hands are right now its really important. if you don't want use moisturizer I don't think Dan's regimen is for you. plain and simple
          3. so I am on the end of my 2nd week and you know what SCREW UP MAKEUP bleh I had no idea how addicted I was to makeup I feel that I am going to wait till am clear before I start using it again I am going to wait till I have a healthy relationship with myself before I try to have one with makeup (hahah it sounds like makeup is an exboyfriend or something lol)
          4. Just to clarify, Proactiv and Dan's regimen are very different. Dan stresses being gentle and using a nonmedicated cleanser for a brief wash. Proactiv uses a medicated scrubby cleanser and they recommend washing for a minute or two. Dan uses a very generous amount of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Proactiv recommends using a small amount in a thin layer of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Dan does not recommend a toner. Proactiv uses a toner. Dan recommends using a good moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.
          5. I agree proactive biggest waste of my life it FRIED my skin
          6. hey am cher I am 18 am Peruvian and am in the usa, its hot like really hot in what state am in and and I can lick my elbow and and and I use a photoshoped pic as my avatar
          7. yea my boyfriend gets it really bad there but I have never do you think it is a male thing b.c I have never heard of a girl getting it there any girls what to be brave enough to tell me wrong?
          8. see am a girl but I still shave my face I get some "lady side burns" if I don't mine are not bad but i don't want ANY hair on my face other then my eye lashes and eye brows but I just do it like in dan's video it has work SOOOOOOO great but another thing I don't have inflamed acne there so that might be a factor on why it is not to hard for me
          9. wow thanks.

            but I think I am going to try these once I am clear you know? I have already gone 2 weeks with out makeup so am going to try the full 8 plus weeks

            1. see I do it gyroscope's way b.c I am worried of it not all coming off i also don't put it on before the BP b.c I am worried of ineffectiveness
            2. I like how blunt you are and you are right you need to take in consideration bothssides of the "good looks"scale for me I have had trouble with both skin is worse b.c I felt I had NO control so I just focused on my weight which is slowly slipping out of control but I am working on it am a size 9 and I want to be a size 6
            3. what tinted moisturizer are you using?, I have noooo idea where to look. and right now mineral make up just sticks to my flakes soooo yea

              1. I just started the regimen, and I don't think I have the self esteem to go out with out make up, especially that it makes my face soooo red right after I do the regimen. but I am broke after buying the starter kit so I would love something from like a drug store that and only maybelline has colors that match my skin. what should I use or should I just try to suck it up? help?.....