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  1. I was just reading here that saw palmetto decreases estrogen levels in the body (they warn that saw palmetto might decrease the effectiveness of estrogen pills). I've read in various places on this forum and other places on the web (related to this thread) that estrogens and xenoestrogens can be problematic for acne..
  2. Oner- I experience the same problem and still haven't found any feasible solutions other than regulating ejaculation frequency.
  3. Hey guys. Hey. I wanted to add one thing to your equation: illness. I have sinus-related issues almost all the time. Dealing with nasal or post-nasal phlegm is a near constant thing for me. I don't know what causes it. I have talked to an ENT specialist and she told me to just use a neti pot if I want to. It helps, but doesn't prevent the problem. She gave me an approval to go get allergy-tested, but I never did because I'm a lazy idiot. Anyway. So. I find that illness exacerbates
  4. Can you provide a good source for the benefits of liver flushes? They don't seem to be well-supported by the medical/scientific community, from what I'm able to gather so far..
  5. Going in order: * Are there any sources that can back up the wet dream thing? I'm kind of on the fence on that. I want to agree with you because I tend to think that the abstinence causes an increase in arousal, which probably leads to more sexual dreams, which can easily cause wet dreams. So I think of it more as a mental thing, which probably peaks in the few weeks after your most recent ejaculation. Once that's over, if you make it that far, or push yourself through it, I think you'll eventu
  6. I'm in my later twenties and have been aware of this problem for the last 3 years. I experimented with different frequencies - once withholding for 2 months - but realized that 6-9 days seems to be all it takes for the acne to get under control. In situations involving cysts or nodule-type things, it can take longer to heal, but that's to be expected. A lot of people react to this topic by suggesting that there MUST be some underlying cause - perhaps diet. What do you guys think? After ex
  7. Also, Toom, just thought I'd add: My entire high school and college experience was ruined by this. I used to masturbate every single day. I bought into the whole idea of it being a stress-reliever and thus perfectly OK to do daily without any repercussions. Well, the repercussion was that I was always embarrassed to do anything, to go out places, to hang out with friends, etc. because I felt like my acne made me seem more juvenile. And thinking about it so much made me feel even more juvenile,
  8. Most of the time it's my face, neck, shoulders, back. Usually on one side of my body or the other, but sometimes very close to the spine, which is annoying. Occasionally near my butt (whoa TMI) and in places where light does not enter. If I go twice in one day, or 2-3 consecutive days, I tend to get deeper acne, like cysts or nodule type things that are impossible to deal with. If I do it 2-3 times per week, but spaced out throughout the week, it slightly delays it. But if I keep up that e
  9. People who dont have this problem get really hung up on "cause". The difference between cause, correlation, trigger, etc is very small from the practical day-to-day perspective of somebody with this problem. Scientifically its a big deal, but on a high level glance its all blurred together. Theyre usually the same people who are quick to dismiss everything youre saying because A) it doesnt match their modern knee-jerk anti-puritan sexual revolution view of the importance of sex and B) there i
  10. Toom - good post. I have this problem as well. I have been mostly clear for 3 years. When I resume sexual activity greater than 1 time per week, acne flares up. Otherwise, its under control. My gf is very understanding, luckily. But your case is more drastic than mine, so thanks for having the courage to post pics and talk about it. Ukulala - your idea of what sexuality is or should be is not quite universal, and certainly does not precede acne concerns for those of that deal with this, espe
  11. That's totally fine. A negative account doesn't negate the positive accounts of this problem. Nor do the positive accounts negate the negative accounts. What I find extremely interesting is the difference between the people with positive & negative accounts. The people with positive accounts (not just here, but on other forums as well) are generally very understanding of the complexity of acne and understand that just because they have this problem, that doesn't mean everyone does. However,
  12. Yes there are probably millions of cases of this, if you simply look online for people complaining of this exact phenomenon, but the way you've worded that is what trips people up. All the arguments against this idea are essentially based on "well, it doesn't happen to me, so therefore I don't see how it can happen to you either." As soon as you say or imply that this is a problem for everyone, somebody is bound to get all excited and make some half-hearted attempt to knock this idea down. Di
  13. Thank you fennecs and bobbi for your rational discussion on this subject. People get very uncomfortable with this topic, as evidenced by the responses here and elsewhere. For fairly obvious reasons, ejaculation is seen as a universal stress-relieving activity, but with that it carries the notion that it couldn't possibly be strongly correlated with acne because, well, DUH, it reduces stress. No facts, no supporting evidence, no reason, just "it's good and reduces stress, and 'it's natural' th
  14. Good points. Yes, the anonymity of the internet is no excuse to get all angry and personal and such. What is an anecdote to others is my daily experience and it sucks. I want to defend this idea because as far as I can tell without the backing of proper scientific analysis, it is real, it is a possibility for some people out there, and anybody curious about this shouldn't be needlessly confused, or dismissed, by people who insist this isn't real. Personal experience is all I have, and I'm co
  15. Joe- "angry young zit-boy" - ad hominem Funny you'd try to take the high road here and talk about ad hominem attacks. The OP was concerned about this issue, and you come talk a bunch of crap trying to laugh it off like he's stupid, which you shouldn't have done. You should know better, if your latest post is any indication. Nothing you've said so far makes up for the crap you came in here with, and upon calling you out on it you can't defend it directly with anything more than "some stu