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  1. Day 77? Nothing is great...still breaking out--only less. Lots of red marks!
  2. Day 59 Things may be looking better....I don't want to jinx it! TiP: Moisturize everything! Eyebrows eyelashes need moisture too! (or that is my theory!) I even put this stuff on my eyes at night to keep them from getting too dry!
  3. Day 43 Still breaking out. I feel so guilty when I sometimes need to very carefully put a warm cloth on my face and gently get the stuff out. I've just experienced so many times when I've left large whiteheads alone and they have only gotten bigger and worse. UG. So confusing. I'm going to try to leave things alone--I'm just not completely sure if that stops the scarring. I've heard of people still having scars from just leaving their blemishes alone! Usually things pop anyway so its not even m
  4. Day 32 Hah! I thought my log had been forgotten! Thanks for the post! I'm hoping the breakout will stop soon though! I'm getting tired of this! (and....as you can see I'm getting the angry side effect) Why does the dermatologist office like to plan it so that I'm always out of pills for a few days before I come in to see them? Bah!
  5. Day 30 Still breaking out! Gosh--when will this stop? I'm so SICK of it! Everyday its like, "What's new!."
  6. Day 27 Still not looking great, but things seem to be drying up. The locoid lotion helps....but only sometimes...its very strange! I'm having a hard time leaving things alone completely! I'll write more when things look up!
  7. Day 27 Still not looking great, but things seem to be drying up. The locoid lotion helps....but only sometimes...its very strange! I'm having a hard time leaving things alone completely! I'll write more when things look up!
  8. Day 22 Still breaking out. Its a freak show. I feel like the locoid lotion is helping the inflammation though. I think I would be okay with the break out if it wasn't the larger pencil eraser size blemishes that have no intention of coming to the surface. They just sit there--red and irritated and leave whenever they are good and ready to. Strike that, I'd probably complain if they were all small as well. I'm sorry! Hopefully I'll have something better to post soon....before 6-10 weeks rolls
  9. Day 19: Still breaking out. I had my hair done today and I couldn't look in the mirror of the salon. Its bad lighting anyway. BAH! The old stuff is healing though. I went to the dermatologist yesterday because I was worried about how big the blemishes seemed to be and the derm. gave me samples of the locoid lotion and a prescription for a generic version that may be cheaper (but also may not look the same). Now I'm confused if I should be using it only on the really inflamed spots or on
  10. Has anyone heard of locoid lotion? I called my dermatologist today about these cysts / inflammatory acne that as appeared during my initial breakout and they couldn't see me until Monday but they called in a prescription for this lotion. (I think the pharmacist said it was locoid). My insurance doesn't cover it so its really expensive. If it helps prevent scarring I'm all for it but I think I want to talk to them before I spend the money. Thanks for the advice Snugs. Your posts are very helpful
  11. devendralover: Thanks for the post. It was so hard to be going through my initial breakout today and then have to read a post making me worry MORE about the accutane. (not yours) I'm not trying to say the post was wrong. I just know I have already taken into account the possible side effects of this drug before going into it so to have them repeated to me when I'm already feeling down is hard. I hope this will be worth it. I'm on the same dosage as you! Day 14: Initial breakout still there. UG
  12. Bah! So I'm getting all these people warning me about accutane on my log. Its really killing my morale at the moment. Since this is your second round on accutane, have you noticed any long term side effects?
  13. Hey Sophia! Thanks for the log! I think everyone wishes their accutane experience was close to yours! What exactly do you mean "picking" at your face? Sometimes I feel like the whiteheads that come to the surface need a little gentle help clearing out. Is that really bad? (sorry if that was gross, I'm just confused!)
  14. Tired87: Whining? No way! Let the therapeutic venting continue! Its the only way to find answers! I've feel like I've been running from accutane for quite come time. I'd stay with a dermatologist for anywhere from 1-5 years and then they'd say, "okay, lets wait ANOTHER three months to see if this INSERT IGNORE RANDOM ANTIBOTIC + RANDOM TOPICAL TREATMENT HERE works and if it doesn't then lets discuss accutane. I'd leave sobbing thinking, "I thought my face wasn't THAT bad but apparently it is i