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  1. Some of the things I used when mine was extra bad was Hibiclens and bacitracin on spots with a q-tip. Sometimes doing a mask with epsom salt helped too. I'm allergic to neosporin.
  2. Vitex is a good one! Other hormone related things you can look up are maca, dim, saw palmetto.
  3. I haven't had it bleach my clothes. Its a surface exfoliant. AHA doesn't seem to have an effect on oiliness but does make my skin a little smoother. I use an AHA one night and a BHA the next.
  4. Almay is usually an okay brand. If it matches and doesn't bother you, go with it. If it goes on too thick, you can mix a little with some sunscreen. If you want something to help fade, you can also look at this stuff from AVON...http://shop.avon.com/shop/product.aspx?src_page=promotions_list.asp&level1_id=300&level2_id=0&pdept_id=0&dept_id=0&pf_id=29249&department=promotions Or you can try mandelic acid.
  5. There's stuff called Dermablend that is supposed to be a great for covering up. I was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding and I thought about using it to cover my tattoos. I ended up making a skin colored top to go under the dress. It was just backless though.
  6. You have to get an active honey, the regular ones won't work. Look for honey with a UMF rating, something like +10 or +16. They are antibacterial. Manuka is a bush that is a 'tea tree'. It has different qualities from regular tea tree and is stronger. Manuka honey is made from bees that only pollinate from manuka bushes. UMF is unique manuka factor and it rates the antibacterial strength of the honey. Getting ratings of 20 or higher is not recommended. Its been shown to help with MRSA (f
  7. http://www.vitacost.com/Wedderspoon-100-Ra...Honey-Active-16
  8. I take the lemon kind and I hate the lemon. It doesn't taste fishy at all. I know some people who will mix it with a little OJ in a small glass. I think I'll get the plain kind and mix it in my protein shake. It has the consistency of oil...a little thinner than olive oil...and it pours nicely. You take such a small amount that you can just drink something tasty right after and it's not a big deal.
  9. There are plenty of people that are allergic to peanuts. Did you get a rash anywhere else? If you think it may be an allergic reaction you can try taking some Benedryl. Sometimes if I get some inflamed acne I'll take and Aleve. It seems to help take down some of the redness. Do you ever have a problem with flour?
  10. I'd go for the heavy spf to protect your skin and use a bronzer or self tanner for color.
  11. I use a toner to balance the ph. Toners don't necessarily have to be astringent.
  12. You could look for Zapzyt. It has orange writing on it.
  13. I usually do toner first, let it dry...usually toners help adjust the ph. Then I would do any acids..AHA. Usually you'll want to wait about 20 minutes after you apply the acid for it to neutralize. I would do the moisturizer last. If you use the moisturizer before the acid, the acid won't do it's job as well.
  14. Besides online, you could try the health food store...or see if maybe they have it at a Vitamin Shoppe store near you.
  15. I cannot tell you how much I love Vitex. I've been taking it for a couple months now and I could pee I'm so happy. I haven't had a cyst since a couple weeks after taking it. I just started taking DIM along with it and I haven't had my skin this clear in sooo long. I don't take BCPs though and haven't researched that because it wasn't an issue for me.