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  1. My other post was deleted or made invisible by a mod. I am leaving because of something that happened in another forum. I feel this site is biased in its rules and enforcement of them, so I am leaving. I can't be part of a community that is unjust. I am posting this so people do not think I am ignoring them if I do not respond to their replies or PM's. Good luck in your scar revisions.
  2. Yeah, I don't think I want to do it either. Dudley, I skimmed that thread and I didn't see anything about fraxel.
  3. Read this link. Mine are getting better! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Identifyi...ar-t239885.html
  4. I've never done it, but I think it could work. And work well.
  5. Bump! My nose bumps have been looking better the past two days!!!! I have to REALLY look to seee them, and even then, I can't really see them! I don't know why, unless it's the 'tane. I was doing the aspirin mask for a few weeks too, but I've done that in years past. The only other thing is that I switched to mineral makeup. But I've used that in years past.... Something that may be related: I notice my nose and chin are tingling a little. I have no way of knowing if this will last. I hope
  6. I think the only thing that would work is botox. Personally, I'd rather have scars than a waxy frozen forehead, lol.
  7. Dermabrasion does nothing for icepicks. Don't waste your money on it.
  8. It could be the fraxel or the hair laser. I did some research on hair lasers and they have a lot of risks. One of them is scarring. I don't know why your MD let you get another laser so soon after fraxel. Lasers usually cause a breakout. It's so hard to say which laser it was. Either way, I am sorry this happened to you.
  9. Rosacea, Exactly my experience with MD's. They think they know what they are, but then they don't. I still think it's some weird form of acne. It's just so weird that none of them know what they are. That makes me think it's something new.
  10. It's just stuff that should have come out of the follicle, but spilled into the skin. My follicles don't work properly. My skin doesn't even become the slightest bit dry on tane. I'll have to clarify with her, but I think she said my follicles are long and/or curved. Aspirin: I think he was blaming the hair removal laser for scarring. I actually read it can cause scarring in darker skinned people.
  11. To 20 mgs day. This may be my last month. She was mad because I had a small *pimple*. I seriously wouldn't even call it a pimple. It was a tiny comedone. She said, " I don't want to see any pimples on your face when you come in here. You are almost done your course." I really don't want to up it at all. Then, I dropped off my rx, and had forgotten to do the stupid IPLEDGE questions. They, ironically, filled it asap, even though I was picking it up later. I ran home to do it and they alread
  12. Texan, That sucks. I'm sorry. Well, I just got back from the derm. She spent so much time with me, talking about my bumps. She said they are keratin and stuff (she used some medical term that I don't recall right now) that are not in the follicle anymore, so tane won't get them. She said the stuff is so far down that an excision would have to be made, most likely resulting in a scar. She also said laser would not go deep enough to get it. I hate my skin. She did say that at some point they
  13. Yeah, I read that. I guess anything is possible, but I haven't used BP there in years. I used to use it there, but I used it all over my face...so I doubt it.