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  1. At times when I've had this thing I was taking anti-biotics ie minocycline for about a year.
  2. Um, you sound frightened as if I've possibly got something life-threatenening or something. If you have a clue as to what it might be based on how I described it, please, tell me! (I have no health insurance)
  3. Never picked at it. All it takes is a little push at the bottom of it moving up and the stuff comes out easily. I only do that every month or so, sometimes I have ignored it for months on end. And actually now that I think of it, I did at one point have a cyst right on that spot that got quite big, but that was about 4 years ago.... so Id say its obviously related, but its not inflamed enlarged or anything..
  4. Nasty sounding I know... but it usually isn't a lot of puss that comes out. It's been there for years now, and it always fills back up with the crap, and then I push the stuff out. It comes out easy as it comes through the crack/depression looking thing... the depression is very small, and from a far looks like another hair in my eyebrow. The stuff that comes out smells different from a typical pimple purge. Anyone had something like this before? I've put everything from BP, SA, GA, to sulf
  5. Thanks for the response! As per the redness, I guess I forgot to mention that redness isn't a problem for me anymore. I did go to a doctor about it when I had that issue, and he did in fact confirm it was rosacea. But at this point, the redness I once had has all but vanished completely. The only redness caused is from clogged pores that I bother and try to purge. But my main issue is my pores are MASSIVE and clogged daily. As far as acne, it's mostly self-inflicted =( From shaving,
  6. A few years back, I had this job I worked at for 2 years. Aside from one day of the week, this job took place outside, in the hot hot south texas area. Like a friggin idiot, I never once used sunscreen. I suppose it was because I never felt any pain from burns on my face... Anyhow, before that job, I didn't have Rosacea, and I did have a little bit of waning teenage acne. After I finished it, I noticed that my face, under my eyes around my cheek area, my face was very red constantly, an
  7. So I have very mild rosace. It was pretty bad a few years ago, but I've been using finacea and jojoba oil religously so the redness has gone down quite a lot. However my problem is that under my eyes, and on my nose, I have tons of clogged pores, and enlarged pores. I purge them by squeezing them out, but the next day, they are all clogged up again. I know I should probably leave them alone. However, it seems that in some spots, a small clogged pore, while not exactly acne, will cause the
  8. Nvm, I found the thread I was looking for.
  9. Around neck below my ear I've always had what I thought were white heads or clogged pores. I have a bunch of them there, and I can see them in the mirror. They are HIGHLY annoying, and difficult to purge. I've tried a basic saylic acid scrub on my neck, but it didn't seem to do anything at all. I've also tried the acne gel I got from this site on it for years even, and nothing. Has anyone had these things and found ways to easily purge them?
  10. I started the regimen a couple months ago, and am seeing some slight improvement. Although it doesn't seem to be helping the my flesh colored bumps. I guess that is what they are called, or white heads? Donno but I have a lot of them in my forehead and around my temple areas. Is the BP supposed to help get rid of these? If not, is there something else that might help?
  11. I find it hard to believe that Iodine worsens acne. First off, the japanese, and chines eat lots of seaweed (loaded with iodine) and are known for their clear skin. Also iodine is essential for your thryoid, you need iodine for a healthy thyroid, which produces the energy you need daily.
  12. Thanks. Yeah the redness has baffled me for a while. Hopefully someone else knows something about it.
  13. Little info on me: 22 yr. old. Mild acne, used to have severe but eventually it was reduced to mild. I mostly have the white bump acne, white heads I guess, and black heads on my nose. Occasionally I get cysts and inflammed acne around the corner of my jawbone and neck areas. Okay so here is some problems I have been having. I have started the regimen and see some clearing up. I just ordered the Gel, so I should be clearing right up when I get that. Anyhow, the past 2 years I have develo