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  1. Thanks a lot for this post. Here's a good video about the topic at hand (Big Pharma): Also, i recommend this one aswell: You are not subject to statutes/acts.
  2. thanks guys, i just bought those 2 simple products... moist+cleans and Quinoderm Cream as a treatment (5% BP in it)
  3. i just bought 5% of this stuff used it 4 times now and it stings a lot and my acne is flaring up.. i think my skin is reacting to it.
  4. I have mild acne and im not sure £50 for 4 months worth of stuff is worth it, it would be great if it was permanent, but £150 a year is putting me off. I also have a lot of black heads on my nose, will Dans regimen with acne.org products help to get rid of them? -If it does it might push me to buy it as im very close to buying it. -Would i be able to make the 16oz bottles last 7 months if i just applied less? I looked at a bunch of stuff to buy in the UK, but it doesnt seem very good and th