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  1. *sigh* And I'm back to awful breakouts again. This is my last month on Accutane. I plan to switch doctors since my faith in this one has run out.
  2. Thanks for the replies! And the encouragement to stick with it. Wanted to come back and update. It got pretty bad the week after I posted, but for the last week I've been almost completely clear. I'm still on 90mg. I'm waiting to see how things go when I start my period since that's usually my worst breakout time.
  3. I had electrolysis for a while before I started taking Accutane and had to stop. I plan on starting up again when I'm off the drugs (whenever my dermatologist says it's okay to start it). It can take a year or two to get rid of all the hair. It's pretty expensive, but cheaper than laser hair removal in the long run, I believe. And more effective. It doesn't feel great, but it's not any worse than any other method of hair removal. You can use a numbing lotion if the pain is too much for you. Che
  4. I'm really surprised at the number of people recommending the Physician's Formula Liquid Mineral Make-up. That stuff breaks me out worse than any other makeup I've ever used. The coverage was awesome, but it created a lot more stuff that needed to be covered. I wish it had worked as well for me as it did for a lot of the rest of you!
  5. My skin hates everything PF makes. I get massive breakouts. I kept going back because I really love the coverage I get from it and the look and feel of the products. But none of it is good for me.
  6. Try threading and see how that goes. It might give you the same results as plucking, but it's usually a little easier on the skin. I have mine threaded sometimes, but what I usually do is just trim mine down everyday with those little scissors meant for trimming eyebrows. Now that I worked it into my normal daily routine, it doesn't bother me that I do it everyday.
  7. I haven't done my whole face, but I've gotten my eyebrows, lip, and chin all done at once and I will probably not do that again. It took a pretty long time and I could barely stand it for that long! I think I'll just stick to my eyebrows.
  8. On the topic of whether or not a dermatologist will give it to you: I was trying to avoid taking Accutane again. I went to three different dermatologists and they all wanted to put me on it because I've tried so many other things that didn't help. So, in my experience, it's pretty easy to find a doctor who is going to put you on it. It was harder for me to find one who would try something else first!
  9. I asked her about that and she insisted that there's no evidence to suggest that there can be a dose that's "too strong" for skin and that higher doses are usually better. Is she full of crap? Does anyone know? Hmm, so maybe I've been constantly breaking out because she's changing up the dose every month?
  10. I'm in my 5th month of Accutane (second course, my first was in 2000-2001). I started with 20mg and my doc increased to 40 the second month. By the end of the second month, I was completely clear. Not a zit in sight. Then my doc increased me to 60mg and I started breaking out a little. I went back, my doc saw my face and decided to up the dosage even more. She put me on 80mg. I started having cystic acne again and, at one point, my cheeks were more broken out than they have been in probably t