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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! GAH! I'm sorry the BCP was as horrible for you as it was for me... I wish you the very best with the accutane treatment. I was supposed to go on it at one point about 4 years ago but I got to scared! The weird thing with me is that my acne started when I was on the birth control pill... but then I was able to control it while on the pill with EPO, fish oil, zinc and B5. BUt now I am trying to get my hormones balanced again.... I think I'm going to give this Vitex a
  2. I miss youuu! So happy for you + your clear skin bella! =]

  3. ... Those almond butter cups sound amazing!! I'll definately be picking up some almond butter and make some of those later tonight, and will post how they turn out! *YUM!*
  4. OH my god... She has FLAWLESS skin. If I had that skin, I would stop wearing makeup EVERY Day. Seriously!.
  5. x2 - i think she looks like a pornstar, not an elegant beautiful lady.. Just a trashy pornstar! If this thread was about Jessica Alba.. then I would have to agree, she is very beautiful.
  6. Did someone mention Calgary?! I live in SE Calgary! we should have a get together and discuss what the hell we should do now that we're off birth control and having these horrible breakouts! Atleast you guys can relate!
  7. I would say borage for it's higher GLA content (epo is good too, but lower GLA), possibly vitex if you think you have high estrogen and low progesterone... are your periods regular? As for borage, because it's not as widely studied as epo, you might only want to stay on it for about 3 months. I've been on for two, and I *think* that it's helping with my eczema around my nose (I'm also taking a lot of other vits and supps, but the gamma linoleic acid in borage is an anti-inflammatory and helps
  8. Try Paula's Choice 2% BHA in liquid form. Worked very well for my mild cystic acne. Birth control is unfortunately only a temporary fix... Which is why I recently went off of it. I would rather not feel the rath of the post birth control seemingly endless breakout that comes when you get off of it. I'm just trying to balance my hormones naturally and eat really clean now.
  9. I've been taking Vitex for about 3 months now, and just switched to Femaprin (search femaprin vs. vitex in google, and click the list to the "soulcysters pcos forum". That will kind of explain why I switched to a highly potancy version of Vitex.
  10. Read this thread, which explains why you should NOT use birth control to temporarily inhibit your acne! Acne after stopping birth control
  11. I don't think that Spiro is a cure, I think that it only works while you're on it, and your skin goes back to what it was before spiro when you come off. Someone correct me if this is wrong, but I'm almost certain that is how it works.
  12. No No No! I have been testing my PH using litmus paper from my health food store for a few months, and I know how to keep my body neutral. Being alkaline isn't what you're aiming for, it's being around 7.0, right in b/w acidic and alkaline. Do not cut meat out of your daily diet. Go and buy some ph testing paper from any health food store (very cheap) and test your urine in the AM, noon, and before bed. If your urine makes the paper turn yellow or acidic, eat more alkaline foods, if the paper tu
  13. Two hours later!? She asked if you washed your face immediatly after. You need to wash your face as soon as your done exercising so all that excess sweat and oil don't sit on your face.
  14. I have done TONNES of research, I just can't get my mind around not having lots of vegetables! They're so packed with nutrients... I mean, they were put on this earth for us to consume! This is the first time I've seen this perspective on vegetable consumption, especially to maintain a neutral PH balance.
  15. I find it really strange that this Bee person says that eating too many vegetables is bad... There is SO much conflicting information on the internet.. I seriously don't know what is good or bad, even vegetables. It also states on her website that So basically I would be trusting a woman who has no accredation whatsoever, other than doing her own research.