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  1. hi tanong ko lang po kung saan ka nakabili ng olay complete for sensitive skin? i triedlook for it at watson's pero wala sila, is it okay to use olay moisturising lotion?

  2. @FrenzyBanana for chest and bacne, i used Cetaphil Antibac and toned with Eskinol's Dermaclear-C na tinimplahan ko ng two capsules ng Clindamycin HCl then after mag dry yung toner sa skin ko, PANOXYL bp 2.5% on them. dati yun, ngayon wala na aqng active zits, tri-luma mode na ako on post inflammatory pigmentation alterations.
  3. Yeah i had those too. Having occasional ones that sprout but they're not so often on me right now. As with my management, my derm put me on Tetralysal Lymecycline and I use a Topical Antibiotic for those with no redness like Bactroban (Mupirocin) they're cheap. ^^ But for bumps with redness, i use Topical Ibrupofen Gel (use only a few) do not rub, just let it glide, then seal it in with bactroban. Bactroban is an ointment by the way. ^^
  4. i have very oily skin but i use the anti bac bar XD it works well though.
  5. Cetaphil is whacked when it comes to labelling their products. Use the cetaphil liquid cleanser if you have DRY skin (which they label as use for oily skin) Use the cetaphil gentle antibac bar if you have OILY skin (which they label as use for dry sensitive skin) im using the bar and i love it so much ^^
  6. Yipee! Another tetralysal sucess story. The only culprit behind the shaving creams is menthol but don't worry, it only turns red because of the mint effect. Trust me it's doing more calming than harm.
  7. The following moisturizer ingredients aggravate acne: myristates parabens oils (most especially mineral and virgin coconut oil) shea butter The following moisturizer ingredients calm, compliment benzoyl peroxide regimen. arbutin allantoin alpha hydroxy acids azelaic acid benzoic acid collagen cyclopentasilaxone dimethicone elastin glycolic acid glyzhrizza gabra (licorice) kojic acid octinoxate salicylic acid sulfur titanium dioxide zinc oxide get dr. baumann's book for more skin-specific com
  8. Praises for Tetralysal Lymecycline. Currently taking 300mg before retiring every other day. I took it for 15 consecutive days, then after having no adverse effects, my derm decided to put me on it for the next 10 weeks with a dose of 300mg, every other day. My review? IT DOES A GOOD JOB ON FOLLICULITIS, CYSTIC BREAKOUTS. Lurrrve the stuff.
  9. tea tree oil is not recomended for those with sensitive, oily to combination skin. nice to know. but for those who use tea tree and had positive results. good for you. ^^ For the tea tree application, it's supposed to be just dab and not all over.
  10. you'll minimize dryness by moisturizing 15minutes right after bp application. And yes, Im using it 2x/day morning and night. I even re-apply bp when i sweat. 2 months into DKR, my skin's loving 2.5% bp.
  11. Kudos to Acne.org! 2 months into the regimen, finally... DKR + Omega3, a, c and e makes skin acne-free.
  12. Omega 3 Softgels 1,000mg per day Vitamin A 50,000 I.U. as Retinol palmitate once per day Vitamin C 2,000mg per day taken with meals to lessen gi discomfort Vitamin E 400 I.U once per day. I took multivitamins long ago, but i find taking them separately (the ones you really need) optimizes their purpose. Omega Three plus A, C and E. Makes skin acne-free.
  13. Alpha-hydroxy acid + arbutin combination worked well for me. Also, I'd like to add, that when using skin lighteners, apply natural sunscreens during the day. (Ex: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide etc.) Avoid harsh sunscreen ingredients: Avobenzone Octyl Methoxycinnamate Myristic Acid, Myristates Para amino benzoic acids Methylparaben, Propylparaben generally, avoid all parabens. And sunscreen that contain oils, those that leave you with a greasy feel.
  14. Alpha hydroxy acids and alpha arbutin combinations work well and fast. Just make sure you buy pharmaceutical grade combinations and not cosmetic grade arbutin/aha. Pharmagrade aha and arbutin come in serum forms. While cosmetic grade come in cream.