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  1. I have never ever EVER seen results like this, you guys... I used to have pretty severe, systematic outbreaks along my jaw and temple areas, including enormous and painful cysts on the chin and earlobes. I tried everything, and a combination of everything else, I SWEAR. Of course, everyone's reactions will vary (the only drawback to being unique, huh?) but I would bet the farm that ELIMINATING GLUTEN FROM YOUR DIET WILL MAKE A DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE IN YOUR ACNE! I have been gluten-free for almost
  2. Of course, after reading all these testimonials, I decided to buy my own tube of zinc oxide. I applied it last night for the 1st time to this persistent little cyst (which was not so little before I had it injected, and injected, and injected - 3 TIMES!)... Anyway, what's been troubling me is that there is still a very slight bump under my skin where the original cyst had been, as if it's dormant and waiting for the right time to resurface. So, I'm hoping it's just the bare remnants, and will r
  3. what if i applied the contents of a zinc supplement capsule - transformed with a little water into a paste - on a subcutaneous cyst? i know it sounds a bit weird, but i'm wondering if anyone knows whether this might have the same effect as the ointment?
  4. Hey ho everybody. I just started on a regimen of this antibiotic called Doxycycline, and it's been about 4 days already. I am noticing no improvement - now I know, I know, I must be patient and all that - though I am noticing adverse side effects. Real flaky, dry skin, unresponsive to continued application of gobs of moisturizer even. I am wondering if any of you out there took this medicine for the treatment of acne, and have a story or experience they'd like to share. How long before it sta
  5. That's so wonderful! I'm very happy for you, colostomus! I have a question about the type of scars... I have a few moderately deep pock marks on my face, and then some scattered pigmented spots from old pimples. Do you think the cider vinegar would work for those things? I always suspected that the "cure" (or at least a respite from the fluctuating success of expensive acne products) was right in our kitchens... Thanks for sharing!! Good luck to you.
  6. I'll tell ya - I do not frequently get cysts on my face, but when I do they usually go back from whence they came within a couple of weeks. About a month or so ago, however, I got an unwelcome visit from a very big, persistent one on my chin which didn't go away or respond to any topical treatments or swift changes in diet (I said bye bye dairy, as an experiment). I got it injected with cortisone, and it subsided rapidly, only to return within a couple of weeks. Then THAT one was injected (it h
  7. Well, it's been a week and a little since I had the sucker zapped for the second time...and guess what?! I feel it returning, though I have a premonition that it'll be much smaller than its 2 previous manifestations. I didn't get it drained before it was injected, cuz I didn't know that was an option. But if you say it's a good thing for eradicating cysts once and for all, I might ask my derm to do it...IF I go back - I'm at the bottom of my pockets paying for these hit or miss wonders!! Thank
  8. I had a giant on my chin, and had it injected 3 weeks after it first appeared. The result was amazing - yeah, little darker patch of skin where it had been, but it was fading fast. Within 10 days, though, the beauty reappeared in the same spot, but about 30% of its original size. Got that one zapped too, and it's a bit more than a week later...and I feel it returning again! It feels like it'll be much much smaller this time if it does come back, but this juts goes to show that you may need up to
  9. Hey everyone! I thought I did a thorough search of these message boards for folks discussing this very thing! I recently posted my own experience with cortisone injections for bad-ass cysts, so I apologize for being redundant. I had a HUGE bump on my chin and it was there for a long time before I said, "heck with this: there's gotta be a solution!" and got it zapped by a derm. I was thrilled with the results (and mine wasn't red or anything, just a freakishly large, totally unwelcome swollen t
  10. Hello! I had a cortisone injection into this bad-ass cyst on my chin almost 3 weeks ago, and the results were magnificent. I felt good about my skin by the middle of the next day, thought "See girl, sometimes there is a magical solution. Heck, you've been good. You freakin deserve it!" Oh my, oh my. Vanity clearly contributes to bad skin, kids. There I was, proud to show my face to the world again, eager to look into peoples' eyes, when KABLAM! I started to feel the same spot grow tender and ti
  11. Thanks for your generous words, FrankPlk. What I mean when I say "stark relief" is out there in the open, under light, completely unhidden, and especially if it's during the day, totally vulnerable to unsympathetic eyes (including mine if I catch a glimpse of myself in some reflective surface). I know it sounds harsh - we are told, after all, that we are our own worst critics, though I wonder about that - and it seems I do hold myself to higher standards than others. But my confidence in myself
  12. This back and forth is inspiring! I wanted to add a few words: cultural norms are so ingrained and so subtly reinforced sometimes that it is hard to distinguish what is imposed and what comes from the heart. Thank you for your thoughts, both of you. I certainly hope people will always notice first my eyes and my smile - these are truer reflections of beauty and health. UKLady, I can totally empathize with your anti-social feelings when your pimples flare up. I too seem to have these (almost nau
  13. Addie, I can empathize! It's always awkward for me going to the dentist...He either stares as if he's hypnotized at whatever glorious new zit I've got on my face that day, or presses uncomfortably on them while he's working and messes up my makeup (as well as any hopes I had that they'd heal quickly if left untouched). After the treatment he'd look at my face and say, "you should go to the bathroom and wash up," meaning "you look like shit, girl." But having a blemish mistaken for a tumor? I'm
  14. Hello! Did the cortizone cream work for you? Was it the over-the-counter kind? I had a cyst injected by my derm a couple of weeks ago, which helped magnificently, but last night I noticed it was returning! Another trip to the derm so soon is not an option, so I'm hoping you have a positive tale to tell!
  15. Hi gang, I'm stumped. I had this awful cyst on my chin injected with cortizone by a dermatologist almost 2 weeks ago. Friends said the quick treatment worked incredibly well, and it did. Hallelujah. Swelling went down (it was large and in charge before that, lemme tell you), and I actually felt good enough to leave the house and lift my face to the sunlight! Some skillful makeup maneuvering practically hid it entirely. Now, however, I have the sneaking suspicion that it...is...coming back! It