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  1. I doubt guys were all over her...girls with scars look particularly disgusting. What he probably meant to say was ... "I doubt guys were all over her...girls with scars like mine look disgusting."
  2. I feel your pain. You could try hyaluronic Acid pills, they sort of help with rolling scars and plump your skin to make it soft. In my experience with taking them is that my lips were not chapped anymore, it helped a little with the lines around my eyes. What I also noticed is that when I got off of them for two weeks, my rolling scars were so much more noticeable, that's how I know that it did help a little bit. I know I need a permanent approach to this too but I don't have money to pay a derm
  3. I get them too, I got one out once by just poking it , it was small and hard as a rock!
  4. You can try the Monistat gel. It worked for me in the beginning and it looked great but as the day wore on it seperated and sort of ''lifted'' from the ice pick scars I had filled in. It really got me upset, but i guess if maybe I had better prepared the skin (so it would adhere better) then maybe it would've lasted longer. I would say to try it, alot of others had good results either way used as a mattifier/pore filler or primer.
  5. I don't know..Why did Sarah Jessica Parker have her chin wart removed after all these years? She obviously could have had it removed 20 years ago. Why did she wait till now? He's only human. No matter how much we achieve professionally, physical imperfections will still bother most of us. If we have the chance to do something to improve our appearance, why not? Wow, I haven't been on here in a long time, I forgot how to do this.... I just wanted to say maybe Sarah J Parkers wart needed to
  6. That is not bad at all, but yes i am sure it bothers you. I wish I could have your complexion the way it is now! You have very, very faint scars. I am much worse off than you and I'm a girl. oh yea and broke, which means I can't see myself yet having fraxel for a while. Good luck whatever you chose to improve your skins texture, you are still adorable.
  7. You ingest this?? Anyone here has tried it? or know someone who has, please do tell....
  8. I once had a slight dent on my face that came out of nowhere and i was trying to think where in the heck did it come from and i realized that a couple of months back i had the area injected by the Derm on a cyst. The cyst went away so fast that i had forgotten. Have you ever had your acne injected by the Derm.?
  9. New forum Very nice. I just have one concern..... I wasn't signed in and i could go to members profiles and also look into members gallery pics with no problem... I'm not sure but wasn't there a time when you had to be a member of Acne.org to be able to view members pics?... I think that in order to see pictures of members who spill their hearts out on here and trust other members with advice, these pics should be for members only, i am sure it took alot for some to have their pictures taken
  10. Hi, ignore the skeptics... i just wanted to know if you are using some kind of cream or serum after your dermapower to help in healing or stimulate collagen? and also what do you use in between your sessions?
  11. ^^ It's not like it's a new product. Anyway if you do some google on this you'll see that it got lot's of great reviews. Im sure she is just sharing her experience on a great find that seems to work for her, and in hopes of helping others. When someone shares in a new find, there is always someone on here knocking it. To each his/her own.
  12. I noticed them the worst in my last month. I was on 80mg. I never had dark circles ever. So i noticed them right away. They are going away on there own.
  13. Why would you want to go to a "any doctor" anyway for your skin when a dermatologist specializes in skin?????