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  1. Eat as much fruit and Veg as you can and drink plenty of water. Eight glasses a day! Fruit does contain sugar, a natural sugar called fructose which is used in your body by cells for energy. I don't think it causes acne. I've found eating carrots and tomatoes have helped calm my acne a little bit in the past, especially on my chest and back. Carrots are full of Vitamin A which helps with the maintanance of the skin, teeth and bones. Tomatoes and carrots also both contain powrful antioxidants wh
  2. I was thinking about replying to this topic but then I thought... Nah. P.s- Irish people rule
  3. Oh Thankyou so much. I wouldn't have thought of that. Is alcohol bad for your skin then?
  4. Recently I used tea tree oil from the body shop, basically it was just alcohol and tea tree oil and it worked fab. Anyhow, it comes in these little tiny glass bottles like ear drop bottles and it costs like four quid! So I was wondering if theres anywhere there's something similar which costs less? I've already tried the tea tree oil in superdrug but for some reason, peppermint oil makes me break out, or maybe it's a good thing because all the bad stuff is going? I don't know. I'm just a normal
  5. I just use Vitamin E Moisturiser cream from superdrug, it's for all skin types and it's not greasy or anything. I've found Vitamin E helps fade red marks, I don't know maybe it's just me. It costs about two pound. It's usually by all the spot cream stuff.
  6. My acne is mostly around my chin, mouth and lower parts of my cheeks. From my nose up everythings looks normal! My doctor calls it female hormonal acne, I don't know, something like that. He gives everything a fancy name.
  7. Hey thankyou very much for the help. I'm going to try that now.
  8. Can someone suggest something I can use to make the swelling go down quickly? I've got one right on top of my lip and everytime I talk or smile or anything it hurts! I was so tempted to squeeze it today but I didn't.
  9. I think living in the city causes acne, seriously. I spent part of the summer with my cousins at my uncles farm in North Wales and my acne seemed to dissapear. County people spend more time outdoors, the air is clear, they seem to eat healthier food and they're all more laid back and down to earth. In the city, everywhere's congested with fumes and everyone seems to be either completely stressed, miserable or on drugs.
  10. I hate having little boobs and my skins looks rather ugly but other than that I love how I look. I know that sounds rather egotistical but I think you've got to love yourself a bit to be happy, just as long as your not really vain.
  11. I'm 17, I haven't met no-one who's good enough for me yet I have high standards.
  12. Ick, I had one right in the centre of my forehead once, I think I used about half a bottle of witch hazel that day.
  13. Hello! This is the first time I've posted here. Anyhow, a friend at school said rubbing salt water on to your face and then washing it off can help your skin. I've noticed when I go into the sea on holiday my skin is always a lot better by the afternoon- or it could just be the sun. Has anyone tried this? Sorry, I'm just scared of putting anything on my face incase it makes it worse.