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  1. Although it seems strange for all of us afflicted with acne, it is important to moisturize, especially when you’re using drying prescription medications. Cetaphil has worked great for me and I wouldn’t think of using anything else. If your skin gets too dry, the probability of scarring is increased.
  2. Because, even with my prior medical insurance, a script still cost me around $250 a month - - at the cheapest. I'll find something cheaper to cut open.... ...NyQuil!
  3. Your dermatologist prescribed them both together?!?? I've never heard of that. I know topicals like Cleocin-T, Erythromycin and Klaron have been used with Accutane in the past.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Your skin looks freakin' amazing compared to before! I just finished Accutane myself and my acne was more cystic and spaced than yours but still hard to deal with nonetheless. I also had glowing results so I know how great you feel.
  5. Using Benzoyl Peroxide on Accutane is a big NO. Call your dermatologist if you want something topical to use in combination with Accutane. In the meantime, stop using that stuff.
  6. Acidophilus? Have you tried it? I use it anytime I’m on an antibiotic to aid the healthy bacteria.
  7. Check out the Diet/Holistic Health Forum for their advice regarding liver, blood and colon cleansing. They’re the experts. Your acne sounds so incredibly similar to what I went through, sans the blackheads. Now that I’ve been breakout free for months, I am overly cautious whenever I feel that little pre-sting I would get before a monster would arise. I understand that you’re on the pill now. Is that when your acne became this bad or has it always been this way? If it h
  8. Finding the right dermatologist is all trial and error. And not to freak everyone out, but it is equally important for the patient to double-check everything a doctor says. I’ve worked medical malpractice in the past and it isn’t pretty. I’ve also noticed that many doctors suffer from an incredible ego and believe they know more than the patient. If a doctor isn’t willing to listen to your concerns or is scared to take any precautions/chances, when you are, Iâ€
  9. Many people experience a slight pressure headache during the first few days on Accutane, it usually subsides. This happened to me. Throughout your treatment you might experience occasional headaches. I spoke with my dermatologist regarding this around month four because of concerns over brain swelling. He assured me that if it were brain swelling, it would be exceptionally painful and the pain would increase by the second until I had no other option but to call an ambulance. I hope this hel
  10. I agree with all the above comments, except for maybe Neosporin, because it is so incredibly oily and not a common thing to use for acne. Scarring, yes - - chapped lips, occasionally - - acne, I'm not seeing it. What type of birth control pill did your doctor prescribe? When having your hormone levels checked, did you get any additional bloodwork? The weight loss and the lack of a period for months without any hormonal cause leads me to believe it could be something else. I hope now that yo
  11. In order to get more successful replies to this post, you might want to put a post in the Over The Counter Acne Medication Forum.
  12. I never suffered an initial breakout on Ortho Tri-Cyclen but I do know what an initial breakout is like and I completely sympathize with what you’re going through. Unfortunately, you’re right about the waiting period. Most dermatologists will not consider giving another drug a shot until you’ve done your jail-time - - so to speak. But here is what you can do, and what I did when I wasn’t getting results from Ortho Tri-Cylcen: Quick phone call to the gyno. I asked
  13. The only drugs that actually slow down oil-production are retinoids such as Retin-A and Tazaroc. The oral version of these drugs is Accutane and, if you’re only suffering from mild acne, it wouldn’t really be worth it. Talk to your doctor about trying out a topical other than Differin and see if he/she is willing to switch you from Doxycycline to Minocycline. Out of the Tetracycline family of antibiotics, Minocycline is the most powerful. If the most powerful doesn’t wor
  14. I'm not arguing with that but if someone truly requires Accutane, they should educate themselves regarding the pros and cons and make a decision for themselves. I don't believe that I push the drug but certain members on the board could benefit and I would hate to see them overlook something like Accutane if it can really help them because of the negative rep that Accutane gets.