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  1. Week 7 Wow, I can't believe how much my skin has improved! If I didn't have all these scars it would almost perfect! All I have now is mild acne. The doctor upgraded me perscription from 40 mg to 40mg one day and 60 the next. My only side effects are dry eyes, lips and skin but it has been well worth it!
  2. Week 3 Skin is the best it has been in years but I'm still breaking out. Besides my dry lips and somewhat dry skin all is looking good. One thing that bothers me is that I haven't had the initial break out that was supposed to happen? I geuss it really doesn't matter though.
  3. Week 2 Skin is no worse then when I was using BP daily. Except my skin texture keeps improving. Oil production is way down. It used to look like I was sweating but now you have to look closely at my nose see any oil at all. I'm having dry lips all the time now and have to use chapstick all the time. This is my first side effect.
  4. Week 1 My face is a litlle worse than a week ago but the overall texture is improving. I contribute both of these things to not using BP anymore. I've experienced no side effects so far but it's probably too early to tell.
  5. It seems like everyone is going on accutane now by looking at the personal regimen boards and now it's my turn. I'm 5,10, 130 lbs and 19 years old. I will be taking 40mg a day. I have moderate acne on my face, back chest and legs. First dose was on February 25th.
  6. How many times do you apply BP a day and do you wash your face before applying the BP? I ask this becuase maybe the soap you're using is to drying and if you wash your face to many times a day with drying soap your skin will have to replace its oils.
  7. I'm from Canada also and I use Solugel for my regimen. I have a bit worse than moderate acne and my regimen gets me to about 90% clear. But I have only been doing it for about 6 months. Morning-Shave with electric razor, shower with Cetaphil bar soap Night-Wash face with Cetaphil bar and apply BP to face and any other areas of acne (back,chest) I've used Benzamycin, Oxy, Nutrogena, Panoxyl, Solugel and Clindoxyl. There ranges of BP were from 2.5 to 5%. My favorite out of all of tho
  8. BP always works if you give it enough time. The only downside is flakiness and redness. Give it more time and switch moisturizers if you need to.
  9. I can also vouch for waiting 5 min and don't know why it works best this way either. I just know it does from experience of trying out both methods.
  10. If I skip more than one day of applying BP to my face I break out horribly. I basically set my self up if I miss an application.
  11. I've found that using BP and SA products at the same time lessons their effectiveness.
  12. BP does help with existing pimples and preventing new ones. BP can be irritating if used incorrectly. Like if you use to high of a % and/or no moisturizer if it is needed.
  13. I use Oxy 2.5% BP and have tried Panoxyl 5% BP. Oxy is the better of the two. Panoxyl contains alcohol which increases dryness and the higher % of BP is unesscary if you follow Dan's regimen. Still if you would like to only apply BP at night I would go with 2.5% becuase higher % are more drying but equally effective.
  14. At least once a week actual tears.... I'm also a guy.