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  1. hello (: thank you so much for the very nice comment. sorry for getting back to it so late :( & i'm very glad that i inspired you to stick with it. i am now on my 13th week. & let me tell you, i think my face has greatly improved. has yours??

  2. hello. thanks for the comment and i'm so sorry for getting back to it late. but i used retin-a micro 0.1

  3. also i applyed it to my face once every night.

  4. hello. so sorry that i was very late responding. but i use retina micro 0.1. thank you for the comment (:

  5. hi ... this is some very nice improvement. congrats

    can u tell me how many times a day did u apply retin-a micro and what percentage ?

  6. i had started retin-a the 3rd week of febuary. i will be posting updates until my 12th week (that is when my treatment will end). which should be the 4th week of april! if you have questions or want to leave comments, feel free to do so (:
  7. missimperfection101

    accutane regimen.

    i'm going to try and start taking accutane in febuary. hopefully it will work for my acne and my acne scars. i have seen many people try it and they have had worse acne and scars than i did. so i can't wait to start (= i will post updates when i start. if you have any more suggestions on what i can do for my scars, please tell me. it would help me ALOT. god bless <3