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  1. so its been a week and a half.. and Clinique has been working GREAT!!!! it doesnt dry my fast at all, PROS: its working decreased and removed my cyst on the side on my cheeks and everything else that was around it being infected, i also took vitamin C and Focus factors( google it ) CONS: break out in small new pimples occasionally but noting major itll go away!... so going goood so far!!!
  2. LAME.. i got this white pimple on my chin! lol all good though i heard you suppose to breakout a little first before you get clear!
  3. I've just recently started breaking out again since i've moved to Lousiana from Arkansas.. it's a whole different climate, but i've used to break out so crazy during my 07-09 years struggle from severe acne. I've used Oxy Pads, Proactiv in my 06 year( which made my skin extreeeemely worst) , Murad ( helped a little not too much) then i finally turned to Accutane which completely cleared up my skin and happy again but i did spend over $1000 on that shit because i had no insurance =\.. this was
  4. yeaaaah ive been on accutane for 22days in the mids from the 10th of april to 15th april. I BROKE OUUUUT BAD!!!! it was hidious dude, hahaha so expect to break out between that time maybe differently for other people but yeah.. my nose stoppd bleeding after the first week and a half.. my skin starteed drying up A LOT real bad, but my face is looking clearer again now besides the cyst next to my jawline which is decreasing its size.. butttt... uhh drink a lot of water too.. oh yeah during the 10t
  5. im using cetaphil cream and it works great for me, only thing that suks is it makes your skin LOOOK oily not oily but LOOK
  6. I am on my 4th day of accutane and it is working GREAT!!.. i highly advised using it because i had very very bad acne all over my face including, side, neck, etc.etc. ever since the 6th grade and now i am 19. well i will post my 6 long month on Accutane and let yall know what are the outcomes and side effects and all that good stuff that is going on, hopefully i remember the good stuff HAHA! i will post pictures later on before and afters!.. AIGHT!! April 1st i had taken it so i had waken up w
  7. yeah, acctuane is your best bet. my face was just as bad as yours also... TRY not to stress soo much thats i noticed about me.. i had stressed so much my skin just went CRAZY.. and try to avoid looking in the mirror soo much and touching it. it just makes it much worst cause you sress over it.. soo yeah.. GOOD LUCK!! try acctuane if you can
  8. yeah yellow and smelly! this is my 4th day on accutane and i noticed it on the 2nd day! haha GL
  9. yeaaah today i just got my prescription so i will be posting up side effects etc.etc. what happens and happens i'll post pictures. wish me luck hopefully this goes goood!!!!
  10. lol when i take doxy hour later i gotta take a fat dookie LOL but yeah, im hopin doxy helps us.
  11. no dont do salvia o accutane, i did salvia without it and that shit was crazzzzyyy. dont risk it man if u really want to clear up
  12. wow thats fucking expensive , yes u.s, and i think uninsured, turning 19 on march, 13 and appointment on the 17th, ugh so lame. but yeah my doxy 100mg was 10 bucks, so im hoping the insurance still covers me. thanks all for the infoo!! GET CLEARRRR!!!!! edit: oh yeah what do yall think about doxycyline hyclate 100mg! thank you
  13. im on doxy 100mg but my other doc is senind me to another derma, for severe acne, im going next month, but i was wondering what the pricw for accutane would rnge from.. TY TY appreciate it
  14. im taking doxy its been about a weekm i have severe acne, taking 100mg doxy twice a day on an empty stomach. and i THINK its slowly clearing up my fave hopefully it works and for u GOOD luck.
  15. ive been taking this and using murad 2getber for about 1week my cyst are getting better. ur not suppose to take it on an empty stomach and cant eat for 2hrs. but uhh ive read some stuff on it saying it givves u stomach aches ,body pains head aches, to ppl. i was wondering if tat ever happen to yall BUT OVERALL doxy is slowly clearing up my beautiful face tehe