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  1. Thirty thats what makes it weird. The stuffs still in the system, so the aches and pains will linger, but then so should the clear skin... Woke up today with more of these little 'popable' pimples and a couple of bright red marks. The zits aren't great big irritated things, but are large enough to be seem without having to get right up in my face and right now I have more active blemishes then ever before. While taking the tane I've been washing my face with water only, maybe now I need to u
  2. Haven't been here in a while, but when you get zits on your face there's only one place to go, acne.org. Finished my tane a week ago after experiencing clear skin for the final few months of my course. But ever sinse then I've been waking up each day with a couple new, very small pimples, the ones where were they larger i could squeeze and "pop". Now I figured I'd have at least a little while to enjoy my clear skin without having to take the pills or use globs of moisturiser and lipbalm daily,
  3. Thanks Taren. Still miss the little rascal, sometimes more than others. He'd sit on my lap while I cruised the net, follow me around outside in the garden and was the only face I could look into without any self conciousness during my worst times with acne. I've been sick at home a bit lately and have really missed havin him around. It's gets better tho. I can have a good smile now when looking at pics of Mork. Hope Dakota sticks around a while more yet.
  4. Day.... ? Missed taking the tane for a few days a couple of weeks ago and when I started back up it was like I was starting all over again. The face got dry and flaky in the same spots as when I first began taking the drug. I'm just now getting back to where I was prior to this little slip up, which is pretty much clear and non flaky skin. Nose still red all the time and my entire face flushes red now, where before taking tane it was only my ears that flushed. Expect that to settle down after m
  5. yeah, forgot to mention. Monday put into perspective my troubles over the last few years. I relied on my cat more than anyone who knows me knew. On Monday my cat died. Tried to talk tough but tears were shed and still are. I feel more alone now than I ever have. He was the best mate that was always there. I work split shifts and come home during the day, how I hate coming home now. We buried him in the garden, saying final farewells while I silently cursed myself for neglect. I hope to fill the
  6. Day 50'something Nose still clear, but also still red. so I'm sort of ho hum at the moment. my face is clear with just the dry patches to annoy me now. well the shiny face resulting from my moisturiser is also a pain in the ass but I can live wit it. still have the rash on my arms, and now also have one on my neck, although that one is somewhat different. Not sure if they're caused by the tane or something else. Lips dry but manageable. Corners of mouth much better. Visited my derm the other
  7. Day... 35? good news first. my nose has zero ZERO! blackhead/plugs!!!!! wow it looks different. still red, and rediculously large, but a massive improvement and that makes me smile (on the inside, my real smile is too terrible to inflict upon anyone). my nose used to become very oily during the day and particularly when i got stressed physically or mentally... not anymore . good to have a shnoz covered in skin and not large blocked pores. bad news. very flaky around that crease b/w the lower
  8. rash on the arms is worse. forgot to take the tane this morning. was gonna give some old cold sore cream a go for the corners of my mouth but couldn't find any, grrr. need to find a moisturiser that doesn't make me all shiny! bloody tired and my scabs aren't healing. have to spend $300 to keep my car on the road. life is good...
  9. well the corners of my mouth are cracking up, can't do anything about it and it aint funny! worked thirteen hours today, bloody tired. gonna watch Raging Bull now, should be good! might have scared off TGrl, i was a little intoxicated. thats right i'm gonna blame the booz. works every time.
  10. hmm... if you smile and laugh when i scare you what would you do if i said something funny? I dont want to see you cry so I'll keep it nice and insipid. shame really. no more bp or strips for sure*, but I've gotta exfoliate every few days or.... or else. might ditch the toothbrush coz i hear you on the fragile skin business. i went snorkling last weekend and at some point was knocked into some rocks... ive got scabs up both forearms and my back. *squeezed all the crap out of one sid
  11. Day 23 well, to give my progress a score out of ten i'd say it's three peaches and 2 rectangles short of a good footy field. meaning, ive got no clue how to rate my progress. skin is dry/peeling and flaky... i slap on buckets of moisuriser at night and wake up with a flaky face nose seems a little less red and may even be a little less oily during the day. no major outbreak despite many a beer being drunk over the last couple of weeks. I've been very tired for a while now, but dunno if it's
  12. Bumped it up to 40mg today. Lips getting very dry, rash on the underside of my forearms. Besides one drying out pimple on the chine, there aint no active blemishes on my face. Getting a boil on my nose, friggin fourth one in last two years. Just can't help it though, when the pores on the shnoz fill up I gotta do something about it. Nose still red all over. Will try to get in to see the derm asap. Currently still exfoliating, but less than before.
  13. DAY SEVEN well, seven pills later and I've had my first nosebleed. can't remember the last time that happened. I've had a bit of a breakout on my chin and jawline and my lips are maybe a little dryer than usual. I've been putting BP on my chin, and even worse, yesterday I used one of those nose strips to get rid of some of the shit filling the pores on my nose. no signs of reduced oiliness or redness of the nose, and also too early to tell if my small acne problem is reduced. I think extra exfo
  14. 20mg to start with, may increase to 40. Some derms prescribe low dose accutane over long periods, upwards of a year. But I don't think there have been any serious studies to prove wether or not that results in less sever side effects. thanks for the well wishes. martin i'm glad your doing better and if I break out I'll hope to follow your lead. If I dont, watch you back my friend. fuckin tane