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  1. 9-21-2004 Havne't been as steady writing down all my days. The Hurricane over the weekend def. played a role in that. My skin is looking clearer and better. I'm happy with it for the most part. Many of the blemishes are drying, healing and there really are no new ones. Took a few days off my aspirin mask in an attempt to heal a dry patch on the left side of my chin. AM Cetaphil Cleanser w/ wash cloth Neutrogena OTS 2.5 Bp C&C Morning Glow SPF 15 mid day only using 2-3 oil blotte
  2. weekend slighly interupted the regimen schedule, due to the fact that my area was hit by hurricane ivan boyfriend noted that my skin did look a lot better, plus i'm happy with the way things are shaping up. added a sunscreen to the regimen. am- cetaphil cleanser with wash cloth OTS Neutorgena 2.5 BP treatment C&C Morning Glow SPF 15 Moisturizer pm cetaphil cleanser w/ wash cloth aspirin mask 2.5 OTS treatment cetaphil lotion seems to be working... thanks dan
  3. 9/17/04 AM Cetapphil Applied with Wash Cloth OTS 2.5 BP Cetaphil Lotion Looks good. 1 active pimple and thats it! been using the C&C Oil Blotters to help with the greaseys and it seems to be helping. Hopefully my skin will keep clearing up
  4. 9-16-04 Regimen Cetaphil Cleanser applied with Wash Cloth OTS 2.5 BP% Neutrogena Cetaphil Gentle Moistureizer mid day lots of blotting PM Cetaphil Wash Asprin Mask 2.5 BP treatment Clinique DDM Lotion (my reg lotion was packed) Since I moisturized last night my skin isn't too dry/tight. It also appears to be clearing up. No new break outs since I've started. And I have one red spot that is healing. Still dealing with the oilys but the C&C Oil Blotters help. Very excited ab
  5. Hey there.... another great site to get reviews is www.makeupalley.com you can search for the SSC line. There is a lot of great and knowledgable people there. Hope this helps.
  6. 9/15/04 this itchy feeling is AWFUL. I feel like I'm rubbing my face off. It's almost impossible to not scratch ti!! Ugh Regimen cleanse with Cetaphil left on a little bit longer than normal (hoping it'll help with itching) On the Spot 2.5% all over Cetaphil Lotion applied last. No make up again which if anything is cutting down my AM routine time Mid Day At 11 am I' completely saturated a C&C Oil Blotting Paper. Not happy about the level of shine going on here. =( Mid Day 2 st
  7. KaliKat


    At my Sorority Sisters Wedding
  8. 9-14-04 Skin Care Reg washed my face with wash cloth and Cetaphil, patted it dry. Waited 5-7 minutes and put on the BP waited another 5-7 minutes and applied the Aveda Lotion. Feelings Skin was tight this morning felt that the blemishes I had on my chin (my main problem area ) where slightly smaller. Noticed a new white head or 2 in problem area as well. Since it's sugguested to not wear make up while clearing the skin, I'm not wearing make up unless I'm going out for a night on the town,
  9. After spending countless hours, money, and time trying to battle my break outs I found this site. I decided to give this a try, as I've tried many other products/regimens. A bit of background on my skin. It's combination for the most part. Semi Dry on my checks, oily on forehead, Nose and Chin. Its also a bit on the sensitive side. I've tried a multitude of different kits, skin care programs, etcetra. None really seem to work for me. Right now I've been experencing break outs on my chin area.