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  1. hi!.. i have heard of these types of diets before as well .. i was just wondering if you could give me some more imformation on the pitta diet? thanks!... i really appreiciate it
  2. thanks 4 the reply! ... so u can do a salt water flush after a liver flush..instead of an enema.. correct?.. umm ok...bowel cleanse b4 the liver flush... i read that you can take flaxseed or 1tsp olive oil 1-3x day to help cleanse the bowel.... how long do u have to do this 4?..... ok....and im still confused about the liver flush thing...and wen exactally u do a salt water flush or drink those shakes... 3 days stright :only golden delicios apples 3-4 litres water with fresh lemon 4th day :
  3. thanks for the reply ..... im still a little confused (sry 4 all the questions)....heres what im gonna do... according to what i've read:.. 3 days straight eat golden delicious apples, 3-4 litres water/day with 1 fresh squezed lemon diluted per litre. .....4th day eat 4 apples by noon, nothing after, 6PM drink 1 cup water w/ 1 tbsp epsom salts 8PM repeat 9:45PM mix 200ml organic virgin olive oil with 1 fresh squeezed lemon. 10PM drink whole oil/lemon mixture standing next to bed..get into be
  4. hi....i'm going to do a liver flush..i got a recipe off this website...and on it it says: *strongly advised: nightly enemas and/or daily psyllium/bentonite shakes and/or 1 tsp cream of tartar in a mug of hot water upon rising and just before bed. does this mean that i can do the cream of tartar thing.. instead of an enema...and it'll have the same effect??... im assuming i drink the cream or tartar rite??.... this is soo confusing??!!... thanks!!
  5. thanx for all your help guys i really appreciate it!
  6. does anyone know if eucerin redness relief is avaliable in canada yet? thanx
  7. i have mmu from corycosmetics and whenever i try to take it off i have to practically scrape my face off to get the stuff off ....i have really sensitve skin and i use cetphil gental cleanser to clean.. that does NOTHING to help get the makeup off..... i have tried putting vaseline on my face b4 i wash it and trying to rub it off wth that... that seems to help a bit... but my skin gets REALLY irritated with all that rubbing.. it turns bright red and stays that way for at least 2 hours!!... doe
  8. i have tried corycosmetics as well.. and i find it melts off me too!! also makes me look kinda chalky.... does veggie girl send her makeup into canada?... and if so does she have a website that i can look at her stuff?? thanx
  9. im really intrested in buying mmu from corycosmetics, i've emailed her twice and still haven't heard back (its been over a week).. .. so i was wondering if anyone here could help me..... i live in canada and i was gonna send a cheque over by mail... would this work.. considering her buisness is in the states?.. would she be able to get the right amount of american money from the cheque (it would just cost me more)......sry im completly new to this buying online stuff... and have no clue what im
  10. THANKS SOOO MUCH! your help is really appriecated..i will definantly look into those
  11. does anyone know of any websites that own a buisness inside of canada that sell mineral makeup?...i now they don't sell the stuff in stores, but i was gonna order it online, and i think it would be easier if i ordered it somewhere from canada thanks
  12. i have really dry skin...(not flakey), just wenever i wear makeup my cheeks get really red and irritated. i was looking at mineral makeup and aromaleigh has a glissade powder that sounded really good!.. exept they don't deliver to canada .....i really like the idea of a moisturising powder b\c the creams and liquids don't really work 4 me.... anyways does anyone know of another company that sells moisturising mineral powder?.. any help would be greatly appriciated thanx
  13. hey!...ya i've heard that mineral makeup is supposta be better for acne, i can't speak form experience tho b/c i've never actually tried it...try going to deepestbeauty.com i've read some good stuff about there makeup haveing healing properties... i don't have acne, but i do get eczema when my skin gets to dry, and the website mentioned that the makeup was good for that as well so im really looking into getting some... i don't know if they deliver it to canada (im assuming they do).... i haven't
  14. hey!.. does anyone know where to get mineral makeup in ontario canada?.. i know u can order it online.. but is there anywhere to buy it here? thanx
  15. hey!.. i have really dry sensitive easily irritated eczema prone skin.. i moistuize like crazy, but when i wear make up my skin gets irritated, because its too dry.. will mineral makeup work for me? thanx
  16. hey!... im gonna buy an eucerin moisturiser tomarrow, but i dunno which one to get.... my skin is REALLY sensitive, dry and REALLY easily irritated.. im not using any acne products (i haven't used b.p for 2 years) and am only using cetiphil to wash (without water).. and lubriderm to moisturise... its not really helping to keep the irritation away tho.. my doc gave me hydrocotisone to use, and it seems to help, but everytime i use and the rash goes away it always comes bac, i don't want to use th
  17. hey!.......... i have extremly dry sensitive easily irritated skin. i stopped the regimn almost 2 yrs ago, and i am currently using cetiphil without water morning and night and applying lubriderm for sensitive skin both morning and night as well. this seems to help a bit, but my skin is always sooo dry and red, and i often break out in rashes. my skin looks fine if i can keep it moisturised anough.. i was just wondering if anyone knew of a REALLY good moisturiser thats good for extremly sensiti
  18. hey!.. ive posted messages b4.. but i never really got a lot of help.. anyways.. i started and stoped the regimn more then 2 years ago!... i really shouldn't have started using bp.. b/c i never really had bad acne at all.. my forehead had quite a few small skin coloured pimples.. and my cheaks were always a little blemished and slightly pink (but i always thought i looked horrible)...anyways i used it for about 3 months..wen one morning i woke up with a huge rash all over my face!! it was soo re
  19. hey, i started this regimn 2 years ago..and used it for about 2 months, then i started breaking out in this wierd rash of little red dots all over my face..that were extremly itchy!.. the skin above my lip was orange, and flaky!! it was horrible! i stoped the regimn and just washed and moisturizerd...however this rash did not go away!... i went to the dr. and he said the rash was excema. i now wash with a natural soap only once a day, and put vaseline on at night..this seems to help keep the irr
  20. hey, ....it's been almost a year since i stopped the regimn....after i was on it for about 4 months...i never had bad acne..i quite a few pimples on my forehead (not cysts or the gross whitehead kind, just regular skin coloured bumps)..and i guess i shouldn't have used so much bp...but anyways..i used a lot on my forehead and cheeks...and the after about 4 months (when the weather got colder) i developed a horrible itchy rash all over my face except my forehead....i went to the doctor and he sai
  21. hey, i kno that cows milk is supposed 2 be bad 4 acne but wut about goats milk?? is that ok 2 drink?? thanx
  22. thanx 4 the help, but wut i was really wondering is that is it possible 4 the cetiphil, vaseline and aloe vera to be keeping me clear alone?? could it have to do with balancing out the ph level in ur skin?? thanx
  23. k...heres my question, i started the regimn in september and used it till december, then i broke out into a horrible rash and the doc said to stop using it....since then i have been using cetiphil cleanser, vaseline (pure petrolunm jelly) at nite, and aloe vera under my makeup in the morning. and my zits still haven't came back even though i no longer use any acne related products. i do however still get a rash if i don't put on the vaseline at night. ....i have been going crazy trying to eat he
  24. hey, i dunno if this will help u, but i have been using vaseline (pure petrolum jelly) as a mostuireiser after i broke out in a horrible rash caused by the bp (after i had been on it for about 3 months) anyways i now use cetiphil as my cleanser, a bit of pure aloe vera gel in the morning (under my makeup) and vaseline at night. and i have gotten very good results, pure petrolum jelly is completley non comeganic, even though it lookes really oily it wont clog ur pores...and on top of that its com