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  1. after popping, ice for 30 secs, then yeh, the gel is great, but imroves the size more than the redness. But the good thing is, it also acts as a layer between your skin and any cover-up you want to put on it for redness. My skin is very tempermentel with this kind of make up but the gel keeps it from actually touching my skin which is a bonus! Funnilly enough though, i think it helps with the longterm redness that can be left from these spots. Hope this helps x
  2. oh yeh.... and i induldge on a cucumber once a week, drink more water, and NO CRISPS (lol, potato chips if you american), this is important.
  3. OK, well I'd been sifting through these threads for months. I've been struggling with cysts and nodules since I started puberty!!! (but it had never been this bad). Im a 22yr old female. I would normally get a cyst or nodule every so often but started getting up to 5 on my face at a time which was constant for over a year now. i was totally beside my self and was desperate to get rid of these things on my face! I tried BP, chinese medicine dermatologists lotions and face washes which worke