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  1. i think i can definitely say this works. i've been clear for a few weeks now. it really works much better the higher the salt concentration. I get it so salty that I can only take it for about 15 minutes before my nose burns a little. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this method is cheap and really worked for me. might work for you too.
  2. I guess I can't say that iodized salt is better or worse since I haven't tried it. I've been using sea salt only and it's still working well. I do get the occasional pimple still, but it's noticeably better than before i started. Every pimple i've had since starting has been small and right in the corner of my nose and I'm sure it's from blowing my nose constantly because of allergies. Here's where I originally heard of salt water working. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...=86369&am
  3. yea thats pretty much the quick way of doing it with the large bowl and all. It looks really silly and for 20 - 30 minutes it gets really boring. make sure you have a radio or something. I actually increased the salinity of the water in the past few weeks. It seems to work better that way without hurting my skin at all. I get it to the point where the water is super saturated (no more salt will dissolve). The real trick with sensitive skin seems to be the temperature. If it's too hot it can rea
  4. ok, it's been about four weeks. I haven't had only one new pimple in about three weeks now which is incredible. It was a tiny one on the corner of my nose which probably happened because i've been blowing my nose like crazy from allergies. I seriously think anyone in need should give this a shot. It can feel a little warm or even burn a little if the water is hot while you soak in it, but right after i dry off my face my skin feels fantastic and healthy. Sea salt is really cheap too. I buy abou
  5. quick update: I'm 11 days in since starting. My skin is definitely clearing. Haven't had a new pimple in over a week. Any mark I have now I already had before starting salt water, and they are mostly gone now. Chronically dry skin has been restored to nice smooth skin. For years I tried all kinds of moisturizers and creams. Whenever I used them my skin turned red and irritated and dried out further. Against all logic though, salt water leaves my skin smooth and hydrated. Hopefully things kee
  6. Background: 23 year old male. broke out a mildly as a teenager. it wasn't until i was 20 that my skin got bad. I started breaking out mostly on my chin and my skin turned very dry. I went to see a doctor and they put me on retin-a and bp along with an antibiotic. This didn't work at all. My skin got very irritated and started scarring. I stopped going to see this doctor after that. About a year later i went to another doctor who put me on the same antibiotic and it worked well, but i was afraid
  7. Hey, A while back i got this moisturizer from a derm that came in little containers that had the words "hymed recon cream" written on the sides. As soon as i started using the stuff me skin felt so good and cleared up within about a week. I ran out of that stuff and I started using cetaphil daily facial moisturizer at night and in the mornings. It's supposed to be really gentle, but my face always feels warm and turns a little red when i put it on. I've also noticed it isnt working as well.
  8. Matt: When I timed it i waited about fifteen minutes, but i dont think this is necessary. Eventually it just became whenever i felt like putting it on. I always did it, but its not crucial to get it on immediatly after you apply retin A. As long as when you apply the moisturizer you dont rub off the retin A it should be cool. Peachy: Yea, i did say the neutrogena with salicylic acid and retinol is what i used now. The salicylic acid is awful, i wish it werent in there. However its the only med
  9. the moisturizer i had at first was awesome. My doctor gave it to me in these little round white containers that read "hymed recon cream". I ran out of that and have not been able to find any ever since in any stores but it was incredible stuff. I really didnt start clearing up till i followed the retin A with that stuff. A good sub moisturizer is cetaphil spf 15. can be a little harsh on sensetive skin so be sure to only use retin A at night with it and dont put on to much. If your skin does
  10. Hey, i went to a doctor and they put me on retin a at night, bp during the day, and a minocycline pill once a day. this didnt work at all. my skin was so burnt and sore and never even helped my acne at all. I kept this up for a month before i decided the doctor had no idea what they were talking about. I tried the bp alone for a while. this didnt work. So then i tried the retin a alone. this didnt really work either but it felt a lot better. I was using it in the morning and at night, just a tin
  11. When people start getting pimples early in their life they have slightly higher amounts of oil then normal. Yea, the oil blocks pores and does cause pimples. Overwashing for years and years though damages skin and causes even more oil production. Washing is a temporary solution, but it often removes to much oil, which in turn causes your body to produce even more oil. I am not sure what you mean by going into oceans for seven hours. I do think you have the right idea that this will help your oil
  12. Hi, I think this is a very good topic. Overwashing of the face is a horrible thing, and certainly does cause breakouts. I generally wash my face twice a day, and I know it causes the oil to produce itself quicker. There is one fact you aren't really considering though. Bacteria die when exposed to oxygen. Having pores full of oil is certainly more healthy than stripping your face five times a day, but you still will break out. Bacteria find a way to get places, the oil can't keep them all out fo