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  1. So this new bcp called beyaz is supposed to help clear up acne too..has anyone tried it, heard anything about it? I'm considering switching over to Beyaz if it will help with my skin. Thanks for your input!
  2. yeah its soo true what everyone's been posting! i think too becuase of my acne experience i would NEVER make fun of anyone--skin problems or weight problems especially skin--what ive learned is that really no matter how hard you try to fix something aka acne, sometimes its just out of your control.... but publicy humliating someone over the internet just shows how low someone else is---and ur right this girl doesnt have many friends, no sports, or clubs---drinks and parties...its actually kind
  3. so i unfriended her today---it felt good but her profile is public..haha so i can see all she has but she cant see any on mine! and the thing is we graduated high school this year---is shit is such middle school
  4. thanks and the thing is--that girl isnt that pretty herself(yeah she has clear skin) but she is major overweight and wears wayy too much makeup and bronzer that she looks orange... all she does is get drunk and party all weekend... i just dont understand why she would say that its not like ive talk to her that much to begin with or piss her off. now i'll definately stay far away from her and her "friends." and what hurts even more is someone that i thought i was pretty good friends with post
  5. My accutane treatment got extended from 4 months to 7 months beucase it wasnt healing all the wayy. Now im on my last month and it is getting a lot lot better...yayyyyy! However, whenever i upload pictures on facebook or the internet i use the blemish control toolbox so my acne isnt that noticeable. Obviously im eally self concosious about my skin and dont want people to see me with acne but if you see me in person you would see it. It makes me feel better seeing my face clear and perfect---th
  6. ive noticed that too!!! before accutance i had a lot of cysts now white heads are popping up( im stilll on acctuance 4th month) idk but i pop them, who wants to look at a whitehead???
  7. my derm recommended Sotret too, and told me NOT to get clarvis, he told me that clarvis is the worst of all generics, and had really bad experiences, on my prescription he actually wrote NO CLARIVS...so i would stick with sotret if i were u!
  8. yeah my fingernails/ hands started turning blue/purple and that was 1-2 months on acccutance, now im on my 4th month and it still is kinda like that...also im always cold, which i was not like before accutance...im sure it has something to do with it but, not other serious things besides always being cold and really dry lips...
  9. im on my fourth month of accutane and i went to the salon and got spray tans for prom! i like u felt pasty since i couldnt go tanning bed tanning, and the spray salon tan lookeed great! I had no problems with it, just make sure you exfoliate your ENTIRE body beforehand to remove all the dead skin cells and it stayed on for 1-2 weeks I also did the neutrogena and jergens gradual tan which works to, but if you want that instant glow i reccommend a spray tan! I hope this answers you question and a
  10. So, I just order sheer cover, and i do have severe acne with scars and i was just wondering if anyone has tried it or knows anyone that has tried it and there positive of negative experiences with sheer cover???
  11. so i have a dance coming up and i would like a nice glow without going fake baking so i got jergens gradual tan lotion, however i also have prescription gels from the doctor for my acne, the jergens stuff says it wouldnt clog your pore so i feel it is safe to use, but do u think you can use the self tanner and then like 5 hours late apply the acne med... or do u think the acne will get rid of the self tanner and make my skin blotchy?
  12. yesterday i schueduled a spray tan for prom..... a SPRAY tan is fine while ur on accutane, just make sure u arnt flaky before u go!
  13. I had the same concerns as you but I kept up my skin care treatments, fashed with neutragena, toner, then benzyal peroxide or salytlic acid...ive been on accutane for one month and my skin is still not irratated.
  14. so i've been on accutane for one month now.. and I've experienced this odd side effect...Im always freezing i mean my lips, face, body, hands, feet turn this sick purple blue color and its annoying plus it freaks me out, at night i sleep with 5 comforters on my bed, sweats, hat and mittens and still wake up freezing...anyone else have theses symptoms and when will they go away or how can I help them go away...it's so annoying to where sweatshirts and long sleves to school all the time and still