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  1. Try lavender essential oil neat on the spots, lavender is great for healing any redness
  2. I got some loose leaf, chinese, organic green tea this week and I must say that it's a lot easier to drink, I'm still not hugely fussed on the taste but it's not as bad as the tea bags were. As for white tea, isn't that supposed to be expensive?
  3. I've been told that proper green tea tastes much better than the stuff you buy already in bags from the supermarket. A friend of mine has been drinking green tea for years, he tried the one I had and said it was horrible (after he saw me gagging as I drunk it) so apparently the good quality, chinease leaves are much better for you as well as more pleasent.
  4. Personally I would have used tea tree on it, tea tree brings puss to the surface of the skin and dissolves it, it's antiseptic and antifungal and so will kill bacteria, as it's got so bad with you though maybe you should leave it and just take the pills. I wouldn't use any makeup because you could re-infect the spot and make it worse. Once it's healed though, if it leaves some redness use some neat lavender on the area and that should heal it up pretty quickly.
  5. Tea tree is fab for spots, add it to your rinsing water when washing your face or apply it neat to the spots.
  6. lmfao at this post! I'd say wash it off straight away and you should be ok, failing that tell him not to cum on you. And if you're doing this as a pull out method to prevent pregnancy then I can assure you that it doesn't always work, I have a god daughter as proof lol
  7. I'm pretty hooked on green tea and have started telling everyone about it's benefits, this website has some fantastic information www.green-tea.co.uk
  8. Did you drink it on an empty stomach? I normally drink it just before I eat but today I didn't (meant to but didn't have time for breakfast) and I felt a bit sick afterwards.
  9. I'm afaid I can't be of much use with advise but the website I buy my products from sells lactic acid, it's http://www.lookgr8.co.uk/
  10. I've used epsom salts in the bath to detox but I'd never drink them, they're way too harsh. If you want something to flush your system try golden linseed, you can get them from holland and barrett.
  11. Import tax is charged at 25% of the product worth, the company I work for orders a lot of parts from America. I've ordered stuff from america before and asked them to mark the package as being worth $30, I don't get charged then.
  12. Have you stopped using the glycolic acid products? Maybe your skin needs a little break? Did you use any of the glycolic acid products within 24 hours of using the salicylic acid peel? The instructions for my glycolic acid and salicylic acid both say not to use any harsh products like acids or bp within 24 hours of a peel. Must say I'm a little nervous about using my salicylic acid now but so far the products have been good, if it's to harsh I'll just stick with what I'm using and give the salic
  13. My instructions for the 80% salicylic acid say that the skin will peel and may itch so I'm not sure if it's the same for yours? I've been using the glycolic acid 50% and I've not had any peeling from that though, is salicylic acid stronger?
  14. I actually emailed them the other day asking them if they'd be selling larger sizes of the glycolic acid products, they said that they would soon be selling larger sizes of the cleansers and toners but not of the creams so I'm hoping they'll be at a good price.
  15. I use the facewash in the night followed by the toner and night cream, then in the morning I just use the toner to remove any oil and then I use the day cream. I got a little bit of flaky skin on my forehead and nose the other day so I just gently exfoliated and it was gone. I think I have pretty sensitive skin but so far I've been ok with these products, I only use very small amounts when I use them though (can't afford to get them to often) so I only use a small amount of the gel wash and I wa