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  1. intentionally leave a booger or two hanging a little ways out your nose to distract people from your acne? point being? so they look at the booger instead
  2. Wow i can relate so much, especially to the OP. I used to love waking up in the morning not knowing what was in store for me but just happy to be alive. Now with scarring everyday is just a burden and it seems like life is going by so slow(time flys when your having fun). I dont fear death at all. Lately ive been dreaming about dieing, watching people die almost every night. With no real emotion, just accepting death as everyones fate and when it happens, it happens. I too am having a har
  3. Im about 7 months post accutane and still i need to apply moisturizer after I shower and my skin still has a red hue to it. The sunburn look.
  4. picking on accutane was the worst thing ive ever done to my skin. The skin scars so easily its ridiculous, I wish i knew of this before hand i probably would have about 50% less scars.
  5. I was a huge asshole before i got acne and never cared about the people i was hurting. I was a dick plain and simple. I was so self absorbed with my self, looking back at it now it actually disgusts me how I used to be. But hiding in my room day after day I really got to think about my life and life in general. I have no doubt changed as a human being. As much as i hate acne, believe it was for the better that I got it and experienced it because it really did change my life.
  6. When my derm prescribed it to me she said " this is basically accutane in a tube". So I just figured its for acne. I've been on differin for about 6 months now and havent noticed any improvements in my scars. I quit using it about a week ago because Im starting my landscaping job soon and everyday last year when i was working i would come home with a bright red face from being in the sun all day. Im guessing this is the result of differin so im taking a break from it for a while, plus i rare
  7. my weekend sucked to. Me and my friend got into a fight with the bouncers at a bar and now we got to go to court. And i spent my night in the hospital. LAME
  8. I was prescribed differin after my accutane course as well. Its not meant for improving scars, it actually makes my scars look worse because it reddens them making them more noticeable.
  9. When i was in biology in high school we were on the topic of veins. I have a lot of veins in my arms so my teacher asked me to come up and show the class. Another time i was on vacation and watching some street performers in san Francisco. They needed a volunteer and my damn sister volunteered me. I hated it at the time but looking back its really no big deal
  10. I find that most of the people in this world are stupid. I dont care about what a stupid person thinks of me because they-are stupid. Smart people and people who are decent in this world wont stare and judge you by your face. Fuck what any stupid person thinks
  11. Initial Breakout, when it gets worse before it gets better. not for me
  12. Having acne has made me realize just how fast time goes by.
  13. he probably had a few zits as a kid and considered it severe. if someone has truly severe acne they WILL have scars. this guy sounds like a tool
  14. If only animals got acne. I think we'd all be clear by now.
  15. Some girls just dont care about acne/scars man. There was this girl in my class who is also my sisters best friend. She has seen me when my acne when it was at its worst and now, when i have scars. She liked me the entire time and always wanted to hook up but i was so self conscious of my face(still am at times). Anyways it was my birthday a couple weeks ago and at the bar she kissed me on my cheek. First time ive been kissed on the cheek in years! I was thinking about this later and if s