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  1. Lima, Let us know if your skin improves while in Europe. Sometimes people report improvements while in other countries. I wonder if it isn't that the food there is less "poluted" with added hormones or chemicals like it is here. Or the water is better? Whatever, less us know if your skin likes Europe.
  2. There is one thing you could try, a Belgian Lambic. They are supposed to have natural acidophilus in them....I read it in a book about the liver a few years back. Lambics often come in flavors, like raspberry or peach. Kind of like a fruity beer! They are sort of expensive, and you usually get them in singles, not sixpacks.....but try one, you might really like it!
  3. Poor thing, why are you on arthritis medicine at a "young" age? But yes, the meds could be hard on your liver, and that can make acne worse. I would take more probiotics and drink lots of water....
  4. Someone at a local health food store recommended Eclectic Institute's Blood Support. My son says it helps keep him clearer. It contains Nettle, Dandelion,Burdock,Yellow Dock and Red Clover. He only takes 1 cap a day, but you can take 2....I think I will have him try 2 and see if it makes more of a difference.
  5. hmm, seems like you did it right when you got it. i wonder if it works for 2-3 month old ones. OK, today I will try the tea bag on my right eye. The stye/chalazion thing is on my top lid and I can see what looks like a small white bump right under the lashes....maybe the tea bag will pop it. The stye relief drops I was using are by Similasan and I got it at Whole Foods....it makes it feel better, but it's still there....If the tea bag works, I am going to report back, thanks!
  6. You know, I suffer from these also. I have one on my left eye, lower lid area. Pretty sure it'a a chalazion. That one's been there a very long time since I noticed it. But just recently I got one on my right upper eyelid. Seemed like a bug bite, but I am pretty sure it's the same thing. I started using style relief from Nelson's Homeopathic I think. Not sure if it is helping. I have tried warm compresses in the past, but they don't seem to help mine. Also a few years ago, I had one lanc
  7. This is very interesting! Also, on Dr. Fuhrman's site, it mentions that bifido lactis was formerly known as bifido infantis.....so it may be in other formulas under that name. I always had good results from bifido bacteria for getting regular, not sure about the acne, although I am pretty sure I am gluten sensitive, have all the symptoms....
  8. monicah, I like Dr. Dadamo's diets. I have definitely been helped by following first the blood type diet, then the genotype diet. The latter is more for weight loss, the blood type is more for allergies/sensitivities. But I have to say, for a type O, he had food as avoids that I already found bothered me. I never realized how wheat/gluten was causing my ibs type problems until I started that diet. So people can say what they want about it not being scientific. Dr. Dadamo's father was one o
  9. Some people say that green tea helps their skin, why don't you try that instead of coffee? It's a milder caffeine content, and it's good for you. You could be having a detox reaction to going off coffee. Did you get migraines when you stopped?
  10. I think one I heard of was called something like "Redbridge" made from sorghum instead of wheat.....try a search on that......
  11. By any chance, do you know what bloodtype you are? I follow the advice of the blood type diet Dr. Dadamo. It could be you are sensitive to dairy, or maybe wheat. You could still eat grains, but avoid wheat. Like quinoa instead of wheat......But what Samariah said sounds helpful. Also, have you heard of Gillian McKeith from the UK? She recommends zinc rich foods and efa's for acne, which I think you may be doing. She does like avocados, but she also recommends fish. Maybe you could take
  12. AB, food allergies can weaken the adrenals.....Do you know your blood type? Wheat gluten could be a possible problem. Gut problems can lead to slow thyroid, and that could also mess up your cycle/emotions.
  13. Has anyone heard of Gillian McKeith, "You Are What You Eat", show or book? She pretty much puts her clients on these 8 week detox diets which are mostly vegetarian, sometimes there is salmon or chicken for some, but others are vegan. She loves to say that zinc in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and strawberries helps the skin. I love watching her show on BBC America.....I never knew that strawberries had zinc......
  14. Danny, have you watched the show "You Are What You Eat" on BBC? I love that show. Also, my dad's side was from Italy, Campo del Basso? I love pasta e fagiole, yummmm....
  15. probiotics, like acidophilus, bifidus, reuteri, l-casei......these are important. Also an herb called slippery elm is good. Also, l-glutamine.....all good for the intestines....
  16. Lilo, you aren't doing anything wrong, but you might need some safe carbs, or more of them. Would you consider trying sweet potatoes, or a banana? Sometimes if we don't eat enough carbs, the serotonin mechanism gets messed up. I think it needs a little insulin release in order to be released in the brain. I think if we eat too low carb, it causes some people to be depressed or anxious. Balance is the key, and it's different for everyone. There's a book called "Potatoes, Not Prozac" that tea
  17. I read, maybe on this very board, (Sweetjade's posts?) that during adolescence, when your body is growing, that insulin resistance happens. Insulin resistance can happen for other reasons also, and at other times, but it naturally occurs during the teen years and one of the consequences is acne.....So dietary ways to control insulin resistance are helpful. Now what those are, I don't think I can explain. Loren Cordain's thepaleodiet.com might help...... He's big on what causes this and also
  18. Good for you Glein, great links! It's really the the trans fats that are the most dangerous. "One hundred years ago people ate naturally occurring fats and oils such as butter, chicken fat, coconut oil, lard, olive oil, and tallow, which are fats from beef and lamb. Today people eat the majority of their fats in manmade polyunsaturated oils such as corn oil. Hydrogenated fats have clearly been linked to heart disease and cancer." p.81 "Tired of Being Tired" by Jesse Lynn Hanley, M.D. Again,
  19. Not sure that I follow what you mean, that I proved it wrong. The blood type diet is very healthy, but I also like Paleo. They actually are very similar, what I don't like is people saying the blood type diet is wrong, without even knowing what it is. Apparently there are lectins in foods that agglutinate different blood, causing reactions that are what lead to alot of problems. The foods that I am not supposed to eat per the blood type diet were causing problems for me, I just never underst
  20. Sorry but I don't agree with Danny. The proof is in the pudding. I believe that the blood type diet takes out lots of common allergenic foods from one's diet. Also it's a whole foods type diet, one that encourages eating more fresh, real, unprocessed foods. My sons' acne have improved by avoiding wheat, dairy and now also soy. They are type O, probably non-secretors....so Strawberry Magenta, give it a try, you might be surprised. Do you know your blood type?
  21. I have 2 sons with acne problems and they recently decided to give up soy also, and it is paying off. According the Acne diet from Loren Cordain of "Paleo Diet", soy is problematic in a way similar to grains and legumes. Something about lectins and inhibiting zinc absorption.....so anyway, I think they are doing better off soy.
  22. Do you know if the test is accurate if you have been avoiding gluten?
  23. How about Loren Cordain's "Paleo Athlete"? Good diet for help with acne also......
  24. Ambrosius, do you know your blood type? I think if the blood type diet theory is correct, some types do not do as well on high meat diet.....O's do, but A's do not....just a thought. B's can eat almost all foods and be ok. I still believe it has something to do with celiac, wheat sensitivity and efa deficiency which is all in the gut as Healthoid knows.....best wishes and this is an interesting thread.
  25. tdot Did the doc ask you your blood type? I am just curious about that one, as wheat and dairy are supposed to be unhealthy for type O's....Please let us know how following his advice and supps work for you. I think it takes a while, but it should help.....best wishes!