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  1. by making your pores smaller would that help keep them cleaner? ...in turn getting less acne??
  2. yea try the sea salt baths and tell us if that works , im curious
  3. i haven't tried it yet but you can buy it anywhere they sell groceries. Its apple cider vinegar in case you didnt realize that...from what ive read most ppl said to do a 50/50 mix with either water or like orange juice.
  4. thats awesome , im using the same thing on my back and chest, twice a day. Not getting much results but ive only been doing it 2 weeks hopefully my back will get as clear as yours!
  5. i started off taking just the one pill a day (50mg) didnt really notice anything. The success stories from ppl who said they got clear from it all said they took high doses of it. I dont care that it says can be harmful taking more than 50mg a day....I dont buy that. Stuff like advil and ib profin also say not to take more than one pill every 6-8 hrs. Any time I take ib profin i take 4 of those bad boys every 3 hrs and it works great. So anyway, back to the question. How long did it take for you
  6. definately , because of acne I now take vitamins, drink more water, and cut back on cheese and ice cream .
  7. i think zinc, vitamin D and B6 . and eat carrots or something for vitamin A
  8. any stores like target should sell it, or walgreens. I get mine at target
  9. what sunblock is recommended that wont make me break out?
  10. thats nothin dude, ive gotten those before . Just put lotion on it and it will go away
  11. hey where in florida are you going?? i just booked a flight to florida for mar. 5th-9th!!! wooo!!
  12. it happened to me too. and i kept using it for 2 weeks and kept getting worse so i stopped using it
  13. haha sorry , i wasn't sure where to put it. and jeez why do you care is it really that big of a deal?? i mean seriously buddy
  14. i agree with you carmusen. and any zit on the nose!!! horrible also on or around the upper lip area .....they all suck!!!!!!!!
  15. ok i popped a couple zits and then after put toothpast on them cuz i heard it dries them up. Well, it did NOT dry them . All it did was make them more red. So does anyone know of something that actually WILL dry up a popped zit that i could use???? thanks
  16. ok , ive been doin dans regimen for almost 3 weeks and it was working fantastic but now the last 2 days im breaking out like crazy! i also started taking 50mg zinc pills . HERE IS MY QUESTION: i know its not recommended or whatever but im goin to florida for spring break in a week and im wondering if i up the dose of the zinc to 100mg a day do i have a good chance of getting clear???? or maybe even 150mg if thats what it takes....
  17. well, im not using "pumps" cuz im using the neutrogena on the spot stuff. im not using a whole lot but a decent amount to cover my face....
  18. ok so ive been doing the regimen for almost 3 weeks now, and the first 2 weeks everything was golden, no zits! it was awesome i thought i was finally in the clear.....but now the last 3 days ive been gettin zits on my face on my chin area and around the mouth. I upped the amount of bp a little bit and now my face is getting super red and flaking like crazy. So what do i do ? am i breaking out because i need to use more bp? but if so , what do i do cuz my skin is flaking real bad already! please