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  1. by making your pores smaller would that help keep them cleaner? ...in turn getting less acne??
  2. yea try the sea salt baths and tell us if that works , im curious
  3. i haven't tried it yet but you can buy it anywhere they sell groceries. Its apple cider vinegar in case you didnt realize that...from what ive read most ppl said to do a 50/50 mix with either water or like orange juice.
  4. thats awesome , im using the same thing on my back and chest, twice a day. Not getting much results but ive only been doing it 2 weeks hopefully my back will get as clear as yours!
  5. i started off taking just the one pill a day (50mg) didnt really notice anything. The success stories from ppl who said they got clear from it all said they took high doses of it. I dont care that it says can be harmful taking more than 50mg a day....I dont buy that. Stuff like advil and ib profin also say not to take more than one pill every 6-8 hrs. Any time I take ib profin i take 4 of those bad boys every 3 hrs and it works great. So anyway, back to the question. How long did it take for you
  6. definately , because of acne I now take vitamins, drink more water, and cut back on cheese and ice cream .
  7. i think zinc, vitamin D and B6 . and eat carrots or something for vitamin A
  8. any stores like target should sell it, or walgreens. I get mine at target
  9. what sunblock is recommended that wont make me break out?
  10. thats nothin dude, ive gotten those before . Just put lotion on it and it will go away
  11. hey where in florida are you going?? i just booked a flight to florida for mar. 5th-9th!!! wooo!!
  12. it happened to me too. and i kept using it for 2 weeks and kept getting worse so i stopped using it