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  1. head i feel the same way, a lot of us do so no worries at least you're not alone in that sense....
  2. my head is sure that you girls are right but my heart is not ready to admit defeat.
  3. thanks head, so i am romantic?? i know a girls brain but not a guys..
  4. head i don't get it...what hurts?? i'm having a blonde moment..
  5. jason, that is so sweet. as cute and loving as you are i'm sure she'd say YES in a heartbeat... plus you're not at all flirtatious, totally and completely taken, what more could she ask for..
  6. romantic, gosh i'm a girl but i really can't think of anything...maybe rubbed his back and then made some good love? is that romantic to a guy? i have written letters that are sweet and from my heart but for some reason i didn't think guys liked that kind of stuff...
  7. i have the same prob my skin looks pretty good when i don't pick, but then something stresses me out and i have to pick and end up looking a thousand times worse. when you find a solution let me know i've been doing it a lot lately..
  8. i'd attempt to get my ex back and have him fall madly and passionately in love with me and only me noone else!