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  1. Redness is never permanent and without that your scars would be barely visible. Redness isn't all bad though as it also means that the scars are still healing and possibly filling in if there's any indentation to them at all.
  2. Treatment will of course be done on clean face so better to just go there with clean face imo. You probably can't wear make up for at least a day or two after the treatment (on treated area) but remember to ask about it if they don't tell how long you should go without. If they are professional at all they'll give you proper aftercare instructions
  3. It's so minor I personally wouldn't do anything. But since you've had success with rolling how about using a single needle model to really just poke the scar area. I suppose a normal roller or stamp would mostly miss the scar since it's so small. I've had a good experience in skin care with vitamin c-serum ("c20"), which I think could also be useful in aftercare to promote collagen and to prevent pigmentation. Certainly no home subcision or you risk making things a lot worse I'd hesitate to hav
  4. Honestly I can barely notice the red marks even in your photos focusing on them.. I'm sure no one in real life would pay any attention to them. I think it's best to just wait for them to heal on their own. Treatments could just irritate the skin and make things worse... and they're mostly just waste of money anyway. If there's some actual hyperpigmentation some product with vitamin c or some sort of tretinoin/retinoid or a gentle chemical peel such as low potency glycolic acid could possibl
  5. You seem to only have mild acne and some redness. I think a tretinoin cream would work very well. But you'll probably need to visit dermatologist to get a prescription for one.. visiting one is a good idea no matter what. I certainly wouldn't poison whole body with accutane unless acne is severe cystic acne or nothing else works.
  6. Hey all struggling with accutane hair loss. I thought I'd visit to share my experience since I can remember how horrible feeling it was when I was first suffering from this. Only thing that helped me was minoxidil. There's an initial shed but after that the hair starts to regrow.. you have to keep using it for it to continue to work. At first I used it twice a day and when hair had grown back to normal I started using it just once a day. Now many years later I've very gradually stopped mino
  7. Hey! You have rather minimal scars/enlargened pores so yes retin-a will probably help a bit but expect it to take several months before there's any visible difference in skin texture. In addition if you want you could try dermarolling or chemical peels but be careful not to irritate your skin too much and dermarolling is best avoided on areas with active acne. You can find a lot of information on those in the forums.
  8. Hey! Your scars arent bad and seem very shallow. Personally I'd treat those with a mix of dermarolling/needling and tca peels. From my experience lasers etc are far too overpriced for the tiny results they give so in your case I'd stick with at home treatments. You can find a lot information on both tca peels and dermarolling from these forums. And I doubt retin-a could have caused much damage to your skin. I'd actually continue using tretinoin but in a manner that doesn't irritate skin so muc
  9. Hey! I have no idea how many tca peels you'll get from one bottle.. but several I'm sure even if you treat the whole face. By no means don't use 50% tca peel undiluted unless you are treating invidual tiny scars which they call the tca cross method. When treating larger areas 30% is in my opinion the strongest you can go with and for beginner that's still too high. If you get the 50% tca peel dilute it with water so its half water half tca which gives you a 25 % solution. If you dont get enou
  10. Thanks for all the answers! I've been checking the prices on fillers and unfortunately it's too high for a student like me. Permanent fillers seem interesting but I don't think the possible risks are worth taking.. and I just don't really like the idea of some artificial substances in my body. It's a shame as otherwise fillers seem like a perfect solution. I'd go for subcision but in Finland and Denmark I've yet to hear of a doctor who'd perform this procedure.. I'd probably have to trave
  11. I've done many tca peels over the years. They have improved some of my shallow scars at least. But you shouldn't expect much, 1 peel isn't likely to make a visible difference, you'll need to do several before there's a visible difference and even then it may not improve some scars at all. But seeing how cheap they are I think it's a good idea to do a tca peel twice a year or something. The downtime is still annoying and you need to start with low strength peels to learn to know your skin and th
  12. I just wanted to ask whether you think fillers would be suitable for the kind of scars I have on my chin? They are not horribly deep but definitely quite noticeable. I don't really know much about fillers but other treatments haven't really worked to improve this area.
  13. Humm ye, I guess the hype got me so I had to make a thread of this. I guess we all know that topicals are pretty useless for treating scarring but it's probably still worth using the few proven ones (tretinoin) to maximize collagen production after more radical treatments like laser. I think this new thing "a-f33" could possibly maybe be one new product worth considering - at least it seems promising. It seems to be able to deliver some sort of results at least on fine wrinkles which I think
  14. Hey! If the antibiotic you're on ain't working maybe you should visit your dermatologist again and ask for some other one. Also if retin-a burned you it's probably because you started using too much too often - it has to be started very slowly. I'd be sceptical about all these holistic/lifestyle regimens others here have suggested.. of course you can try them if you want but don't quit your acne medications or you risk making things worse. Redness from acne takes some time to fade but eventuall
  15. There's also a microneedling RF machine called Intracell. I think you can find more information about that machine than this "Secret RF" (just judging by my quick google search). I have had one Intracell treatment and the results have been positive but a course of treatments will be necessary for any "dramatic" results. Because of the much shorter downtime and reduced risk complications I think these treatments are great however (at least Intracell). Personally my results from one Intracell tr