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  1. Hi all, I just wanted to review my basis and opinion on accutane two years after taking it. To start off, I sincerely regret taking accutane. When I went into the dermatologist, I had somewhat bad acne, and was prescribed antibiotics/facial cleansing treatments. It worked for the most part, and kept the majority of acne away. My acne started flaring up a lot more after about a year, and it was probably because either I was developing immunity to the antibiotics/my acne was just straight getti
  2. I have some scarring from this method already, although i dont regret it, it felt good and worked when I did it back in the day.
  3. Havent been here in a while, just posting after 11 months from the start of accutane. I ended in June or July I think. I still have back problems and knee problems from the result of accutane. I am informed by my doctor that I have Osgood-shlatters disease, which isnt a disease, but a disorder. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osgood-Schlatter_disease It happens in ages 12-15. WTF??? I think that the heavy increse in vitamin A from the result of accutane started excessive/joint bone growth. Li
  4. Hello all, it has been a while since I last posted, but I got finished with accutane. I am completely clear and have no acne!
  5. I had my first nosebleed of my life today o.O Odd... My eyes get sunburned, so I wear sunglasses and that helps. I noticed scraped skin doesnt heal nearly as fast as it used to. I got a cut on my hand a week ago underexposing the ldermis of the skin and the epidermis hasnt covered it yet.(not a normal cut) I get sunburned on my legs where they always get tan. Everyone calls me lobster face or red man behind my back and I want to beat some ass. I mentioned before that I get really red even bef
  6. Thanks for the response man. Yeah, I cant lift as long or as long as I used to. My mile time has decreased by a lot mainly because of my joint pain in my knees. I might lose a varstiy spot for this =/ Oh well. My face is clearing up and it isnt nearly as bad as it the first few weeks . I can actually touch my face now and not get zits(there) for the next month or two after. My face/body is still more red than it used to. My brother's friend has a couple pimples and my mom is recommending ac
  7. I have TONS of...almost ingrown zits where the hair foliciles are in my nose. When I get them out/"pop" them, they are puss from a zit and leaves a deep well hole where it was and the puss is pretty deep in there. I never get zits on my nose, only these buggers. And they are not black. What could they be? My only guess is some form of a blackhead.
  8. I tried the needle method, too time consuming and didnt work well for me. I dont rip the zit off, just take the upper layer off and get the puss out, then put anti-biotic. Someone suggested using your fingers, NO. Touching your face causes more zits from experience. I clean the nailclipper often, also. I usually wait until it is a whitehead before popping immature zits, unless they are reeeally red big and annoying the crap out of me. I dont rip in then, just push down on it with the nail clippe
  9. Acne is drying out, but not going away. Dont get me wrong a lot has gone but the main stuff is stubborn and wants to stay. My eyes are dried out and the skin of my hands are literally peeling away. I sat in class today and peeled inches of skin off my hand. I still have joint pain in my knees and hips that I didnt feel before and back pain is a killer doing squats/deadlift after running track.
  10. The good thing: my acne is clearing up like a charm. I dont pop whiteheads druing the weekend and they seem to go away in decent time. I am seeing some scarring that I didnt see before just because my acne has ALWAYS been there. I have had acne on my chin since 9th grade(11th grade now) and it is finally clearing up! Bad news: My face is still dry(doesnt feel dry unless I stop the moisterizer), I get headaches all the time and have pressure buildup in my sinuses. Because I have headaches cons
  11. I dont want to be the guy with 8 fat whiteheads on his face, with everyone telling me OMG POP THEM!!...yeah Thanks for the imput guys, I will try the needle method, too.
  12. Whether it be the annoying whitehead or the red pimple with a small whitehead at the top I find it much easier to pop acne with a nail clipper. You just grab the head with it and pull until the top comes off. Then press around the pimple with the clipper not pushed in and the white stuff will come out like a charm. I dont know if popping casues scarring but I love popping my zits now because it feels better(relieving the pressure) and is so easy.
  13. My acne has gotten better than previously stated and my face doest feel as dried up as much. I still flake, but not as bad. I use Cetaphil in the weekday mornings and use a night face moisturiser that works well. Aquaphor is my savior!! I went to my freinds house and didnt have aquaphor; they dried out completle, cracked and started bleeding. I have more joint pain, especially in my lower back. Working out with weights for football I think made it worse. When I run for track, my hip joints speci
  14. Thanks for the feedback Cosmogirl. Does healthcare insurance help pay for the cost or no? If not I need more $$ lol
  15. I am using Cetaphil DailyAdvance lotion. I guess that is regular lotion... Thanks for the advice. I will see if my local drug store has the facial one w/SPF 15.