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  1. How much do you use of each?
  2. Thanks guys. I'll give those options a try!
  3. So, I got a new regimen kit yesterday. This isn't my first time trying it. The moisturizer is still super heavy and greasy, and after using it last night I woke up with 2 dozen whiteheads. This is pretty unusual for me. Anyone else have negative experiences with the moisturizer, and if so what alternatives have you used.
  4. Acne is not a dietary disease. I am really getting sick and tired of you people, I am sorry. Cutting out a particular food is not going to eliminate acne as acne is in the genes. Dairy and gluten have never been found to cause nor worsen acne, what was observed was an "acneiform eruption" not true acne vulgaris. i think you REALLY need to watch this video I'm not the one you responded to, but I disagree. There are multiple studies linking dairy to acne : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1
  5. I've used accutane 3 times, and still have acne. course 1 : 20mg daily / 9 mo course 2 : 80 mg daily / 4 mo course 3 : 80 mg daily / 8 mo I had acne all throughout the initial low-dose course. It only cleared up, paradoxically, once I stopped taking it. This lasted about 6 months, at which point my acne returned. During both the second and third courses, there weren't really substantial improvements - either during or after.
  6. I appreciate the support, Thebob. As far as the regimen goes, I've tried it several times over the years. I used the regimen both with and without acne.org products (when I first tried it, Dan hadn't started selling products yet).
  7. I've had acne since I was 15. I am now 30. I have tried everything to get rid of it, including but not limited to : * Accutane (3 courses) * Retin-A * Differin * Topical antibiotics * Proactiv * Exposed * acne.org regimen * Systemic antibiotics * Elimination diets * supplementation regimens : * zinc (100mg daily) * b5 megadosing * b5 with carnitine * fish oil * sleeping in total darkness * green smoothies ... etc. I've spent thousands of dollars, and am no clo
  8. Probably not the best idea. 60mg of Accutane is a not-insignificant burden on your liver as is.
  9. I actually bought some niacin after coming across that company's press release. Note that they specifically mention taking 500mg of sustained-release niacin around 10pm. I will say it did seem to work fairly well, however I grew concerned over taking SR niacin due to the fairly well published (albeit, rare) incidences of liver damage. IR (immediate release / 'normal') niacin does not pose nearly as much risk, however, and is also incidentally better at raising HDL. Below is an interesti
  10. I believe, though I have no way of empirically proving, that accutane has somewhat stunted my shoulder/jaw growth - resulting in a rather youthful appearance. I started taking accutane at 19, and my body hasn't really changed since (I'm currently 27). While long growth plates usually fuse by ~18, shoulder/jaw regions continue to grow until around 25.
  11. doktrin

    Dried and cut down on acne slightly. Gave me sh*tty night vision in one eye, cracking joints, dry cervical discs. Not recommended. If you do use it, opt for a low dose over an extended period of time (if memory serves me correct, 20 mg over 9 months). Do not opt for 80 mg over 3 months, as it is brutal on your system.
  12. What everyone else said. In addition, supplementing with chromium polynicolinate might help
  13. hehe... this reminds me of the derm who prescribed my 'tane. Just for shits and giggles, and with no exaggeration, this is how the appointment went : (I'm waiting in the examination room) *doctor bursts through the door* Doc : "Hey there! I'm Doctor xxxxxx, pleasure to meet you! *short pause* Doc : "Wow you are going to look so good after this treatment! All your friends are gonna be shocked! They're going to be jealous!" Me : "I know Accutane is a great solution, but are there any alte
  14. Odds are your acne will be vastly improved with no side effects save some chapped lips. However, there's always the chance you're in the unlucky minority. Shit happens - but you have to be prepared to deal with the consequences if things go sour. For what it's worth, I wish I'd never taken the 'tane. For better or worse, it has changed my life. It did not significantly reduce my acne, and it has left me with weakened discs (degenerative disc disease). As someone who was formerly quite
  15. Thanks for sharing is this regimen still working for you? After reading this thread I decided to give the aveeno line a try. Today's my first day using their moisturizing instead of my regular one (alba). Are all Aveeno products made with the modified feverfew?