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  1. Yeah I could relate New Yorker, with the whole waiting for the acne to get better before going to get a hair cut. I would always close my eyes as they cut. I also had two different sessions of accutane a few years back. Hope its going well for ya. Jack
  2. So these green concealers do work, which one do you use? Thinking about getting a tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer) for my pale face and been searching for a concealer. Jack
  3. Jack83

    Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

    So Contarus, what shade did you choose, I am a guy as well and been debating if I should get this laura mercier tinted moisturizer but can't decide what shade. I have narrowed it down to Sand and caramel. I am hispanic and in the lighter side and I believe I have a warm undertone, just want to get an even skin tone to my pale face. Jack
  4. Jack83

    Your age bracket

    I just turned 26, with same old tired story, hoping this will be the year acne takes a bow and makes a speedy exit from this here life. lol jack
  5. Jack83

    Gym Question?

    I don't know Jen but I wash my face before going to the gym, even if it's just water. When I go to the Gym (1 hour), I make a few trips to the restroom sink and splash water on my face, I just can't stand having a sweaty face for long periods of time. But whatever works for ya.