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  1. I'm totally clear and entering that dangerous teritory where its easy to stop because it's working (if that makse sense!) I moved house a couple of weeks ago and missed 3 or 4 sessions in the chaos and then had a couple of small (smaller than pre light box) spots... so it is obviously working for me, but perhaps not for everyone?
  2. I'm not an expert, but as far as I understand light therapy works on exactly the principle that it mimics the Sun's beneficial light while excluding the harmful UV. The sun has always worked really well for me and light therapy does too!
  3. To answer the questions... I was 80% of the way there with clearing my acne on Doxy, so my aim was to maintain that when I came off it and the rest followed over a period of I think, about 4 weeks. I use no other medication or topical treatments at all now. I was buying some moisturiser in a store yesterday and had a bit of an exciting moment when I saw all the acne treatments and realised I don't need to buy any of it any more! The box has a stand, but I rarely use it, because desks and tabl
  4. Hello I have been holding off writing this review for a couple of months, I didn't want to tempt fate! I have had acne for 20 years, it was successfully controlled by the pill, but I came off that to try to get pregnant and was back to square one. The doctor prescribed doxycycline, which got me most of the way there, but I suffered really bad side effects once (took it and didn't eat quickly enough - felt AWFUL!!) and despite his assurances I wasn't happy being on antibiotics long-term. So I
  5. Hi I've had acne for 20 years. God, I'm bored of it! ) I used Dianette for years and it worked brilliantly. Came off it a year ago as TTC. Had 6 months of no problems then acne came back and is getting worse. Doc who knows we are TTC has prescribed Doxycycline, I was feeling quite upbeat and now I have read the leaflet and it says not to take it if you are "planning on becoming pregnant". Has anyone used it whilst TTC? Any advice appreciated... I've also been reading up on the forums about a
  6. I'm 32 and have had acne on and off for 20 years. (the 'off' when I was on the pill) I could write a book on the methods I have tried. I ordered the proactiv stuff a while ago, I have to say I thought the cleanser/toner/lotion thing (all with the same active ingredient) was probably a con to get you to buy the same product 3 times. However, I eventually tried it and nothing really changed, but I spent a lot of time reading this site last night and because Proactiv was the only BP lotion I had