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  1. i had severe acne and cysts and i put urine on my face twice a day for 2 weeks and i was COMPLETELY clear and perfect skin.
  2. He didnt ask about your garbage recipie, he asked BP or SA. and i think BP works better.
  3. you dont have any pics we cant help you
  4. very possible, especially if its on the cheek area. the main part i have acne is because i drink pop and not water.
  5. id prefer a girl with good skin, i can get down with them chubby girls
  6. you cant wreak yourself with pot. pot is actually good for acne and gets rid of it, there is a report on a scientific website.
  7. you can try smoking alot of pot, or getting addicted to some kind of drug. I know while im tripping on LSD (acid) i dont even think about sex or anything so you can go on a journey man. and i know masturabtion causes acne for sure. I havnt masturbated for about 6 days and my face couldnt be more clear. if i masturbate tonight il wake up with pimples.
  8. will i have it for the rest of my life? if there is no cure, do you think there will be one before i die in 40 or so years
  9. if your brother has any vicodin left... u can take me a pill here and there also since amoxicilin is an antibiotic, you can ask a derm to perscribe u keflex, its an antibiotic they perscrib alot for acne, and its REALLY cheap or free if u have insurance
  10. how is it possible to sleep on your back! AHHH tips?
  11. the longest i wait for my derm is a week, sucks to be you.
  12. does apply moisturizing cream get RID of the dry skin? or does it only cover it up for the day?
  13. after i masturbate i can feel pimples growing on my face RIGHT AWAY im going to pledge here now to stop for a week. not even going to do it this one last time. wish me luck guys.