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  1. Sorry Kerr re:makeup, I am reading far too fast and missed the whole, YOU are a male...but hey, my ex wore makeup to help create the illusion of a clearer complexion. I didn't care, if anything I totally understood! Oh and I misread your 3-4 times washing regime...Thanks Gime. I am so spaced out today! I will have to agree with Gime, seems a little excessive. My Pharmacist said the most a person should wash is 3 times and that is with a mild cleanser that contain the least SLS.
  2. Ahh, from what I have read...it would appear you a a young one! Hmm. My ex boyfriend who I dated throughout my twenties was very ..ahem, 'healthy'. When I met him I was the one with the clear skin for once in my life and thought I knew the answers back then. I just advised him to stop scrubbing him face with a face cloth and introduced him to a better line of facial products. His skin cleared up within months. After a few years, he was irked with some mild acne flare-ups and went to the derm an
  3. Masterbation? Hmm, at first I was in utter shock at the thought of you actually thinking this could be seriously a potential cause...but I can't argue. It effects hormones in your body...just as much as lack of sleep. I am female so it never occured to me that something so natural could be a culprit. My face broke out immensely recently due to 'sexual changes' that occur always at the same times each month. (I am female but sometimes wonder if my age...being in my 30's may have an effect). If
  4. Hi Kerr, Do you wear makeup? I am guessing you don't, but I could be making an assumption. What type of acne do you have? I am desperately trying to find something that works! I first started the Cetaphil approach a month ago. It's actually the original formula( for dry skin). I was told not to use anything on my face and not to extract my pustules (even though I am a certified esthetician). It was to regain my face's natural PH balance. That worked, my skin became siginficantly clearer and th