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  1. Anyone know if its ok to use lemon juice to lighten scars whilst on accutane? havent heard anything at all about it but am not sure if its ok
  2. Ok i realise your not supposed to use and scar removal procedures until 6 months after finishing the course. I was wondering if its ok to use lemon juice on scars whilst being on accutane as i had great results with it before i started accutane. I was being careful because as the skin is more sensitive on accutane i didnt know if it could cause damage? anyone tried or know of anything else?
  3. aswa, i read your previous posts. It seems as though accutane worked okay for you first time around, do you think a 2nd course could prove beneficial? Do you still see a derm? what do they say?
  4. did your acne subside at all whilst on accutane? Well iv got my derm appointment in a couple of weeks time and only took just under a month to get it. Might be worth seeing if a derm reckons a 2nd go would blast it? you might be one of the cases where 2/3 times truely sorts it out
  5. sorry to hear about all this, where abouts are you? What did the derm say about it?
  6. thanks for the replies guys, really helpful. I know what you mean, a guy at my school had the worst cystic acne i have ever seen but accutane did 'cure' it for good. i think the chances of women relapsing are greater possibly because of hormonal changes? well anyway i will talk to the derm next month and see what she says.
  7. Hey, im soon to be on accutane and i was just wondering.... I know accutane is a proven success but i was just interested in knowing how many people find themselves on a second course? Also can anyone tell me why the acne does not come back? (hopefully) i know it shrinks the glands so what stops them from going back to how they were after accutane is over? thanks in advance guys
  8. hey, i was wondering..... Once the derm puts you on accutane do you go on it staight after or do you have to wait? i know you have to have blood samples but how long until you get the prescription? im in the UK so may differ to US patients cheers
  9. hey, i just had a look at your before/after photos. Your skin looks incredible! i hope to be starting accutane next month, i was just wondering if you had any scarring? in the before ones your skin looks a bit dented but after looks like you never even had acne!?! Would really appreciate comment back, thanks x

    1. Hey, im booked in with the derm and doc said accutane is the most likely option. Was just wondering how long it takes for bloodwork to be done and then getting the medication? Im in UK so may vary to the US. Thankssssss