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  1. where can you get this stuff from if you live in the UK?
  2. I'm going to be near Madrid next week, and i'm annoyed with myself because the skin on my shoulders isn't very nice as A, i havent tried to treat it that well and B, i've been scratching it. I wanted to know if anyone knew of any over the counter treatments that could help clear it up? Thankyouuuuuuuuuu
  3. I'm not being patronising, but seriously, drink LOTS of water because although it won't get rid of acne, it stops your skin from looking so dull and wrinkly. Sleep and water and the regimine is the best combination
  4. Where can i buy this in the UK? Will it be suitable for mild acne? Are there any side effects? Thankyouuuuuuuu
  5. I'm currently on the regimine, however i have never completly cleared up. I was away in Italy for 3 weeks eating lots of pizzas, pastas and fizzy drinks and my skin (funnily enough doh,) flared up. It's still pretty bad now. Does anone think this is food related? I don't usually consume that many fizzy drinks you see. Plus i find anyway that my skin gets worse while im in a different country. Anyone else find this? Thanks in advance. xxx
  6. i know this is a stupid question but how do you know when you are in the stage of 'adult acne?'
  7. i use it and it works much better than soap. i only use a little bit to avoid irritation. Does anyone know if the foam cleanser works?
  8. I've used the regimine for about a year now and although it has helped, i don't think it has as much as it has for some people. I wash with a st ives facial scrub, then practically put the bp on straight away, then i put on the moisturiser. I still get whiteheads and red marks on my tzone though. Perhaps this is to do with my unhealthy diet and lack of water?? Any ideas or similar experiences?
  9. anywhere i can buy this product other than online? x
  10. im gonna buy this stuff tomorrow and see how it goes. although i have a greasy tzone so i dont know if it will work as well... :-k
  11. try St Ives [ Collagen Elastin ] moisturising shower wash it makes your skin very smooth and helps me with my back acne
  12. argh i know how you feel. If i had great skin LIFE would be so much easier. No more low self esteem, not wanting to go out, refusing to stay at others houses the night. I think its un fair that some of us do not get to enjoy life like others I remember, last yr i used to skip school and post on this board a lot more, because i was so unhappy. Try everything you can, im sure theres something out there for you. Remember we're all in this together x