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  1. Hey- Thank you for your response. I will continue to consider accutane, although I don't know that it will solve the problem completely by itself, as you say here you had to go back on it-- The last two days I haven't had any new spots- and I havent been eating as clean as i would like either--but I did start taking enzymes for digestion and apple cider vinegar- this seems to be helping immenssely. Part of my problem is that whenever I eat sugar I freak out,t hinking I will get a break out,
  2. I looked into kitty's eyes and the pink color make me think of strawberry smoothies....

  3. I like the way you think on this. Truly, people will look at you differently if you behave as though you are just like one of them, with no regard to the imperfections you may have. Not always is it easy to carry out this new view on yourself, but the sooner you learn to do that the better.
  4. Well, for many years I struggled with this dilemma: whether working out was bad or good for controlling acne. What I have found paralleled what I read-- that if you have a tendency to get nodular acne, then working out, and especially high straining, like heavy weight lifting, can cause more of a problem. However, over time the body seems to balance the effects out and the stress release and improved immune function of workouts counters the effects of straining/ blushing. It's the pressure on t
  5. Rain makes it worse--cold to the bones. Some hot cocoa for u.

    I thought about Yukon! Where I would no doubt be all by myself. lol...

  6. its cold up there in BC Can....

  7. hey, there. You are not alone as you well know. You are too pretty... anyways, to suffer, so that acne doesn't take away from your features.

  8. What's up dude? How's the music coming along.

  9. Interesting name:


  10. Well, if you are still using apple cider vinegar, what kind are you using?

  11. Snugs

    It works well after some time. Easy to apply.Shipping is usually fast. Has sped up healing and reduced oiliness in prone areas. I would like to add: Dan's cleanser is very good; almost no irritations, and leaves a moist feel to the skin after use. Nodules have reduced down to maybe one every three weeks and most are small and heal quickly.That is a tremendous improvement over one nodule every week. Some irritation-- stinging, dryness, aged skin-like effects around eye areas. Using jojoba oil a
  12. Well, have a kick-ass time on that cruise, Mr Jaxin

  13. Hey, dude...

    I am now single again.... No redhead, no blond, no nothin...

    I have to move maybe to TX, and try and see who I can scare away down there.

  14. Yeah, you got it bro...

    So, she seems real sweet ( hot red with lots of freckles) I am going to have to treat her very well... stay tuned...

  15. I must say, this post is one of the better ones.. I can safely say that woman who have nice features and beautiful eyes... so on.. I would be attracted to regardless of some acne pits. My skin is marked up bad, and I am hoping to try one of the newest successful treatment systems becoming FDA approved. One of the reasons I have become more body-focused is because faces are at risk for becoming flawed all too easily, as many of us have come to find out... Brute force as it is given. No one stan
  16. Well, Jaxin, the world according to snugs is really fine these days.

    One hot red-head with shapely legs is on the hunt...I am in this Tiger's sights...

    Tomorrow, things could go belly up... Story of my life...

    A Q for you.. friend.

    Who is the artist that sings the song with lyrics : "One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer?" It is a bluesy tune.

  17. How goes it, Jaxin?

    Have not heard from you lately...

  18. Hello Cecelia,

    I hope your day is sunny, warm and smooth as, as... well, satin..

  19. Perhaps there wasn't enough Vitamin D incorporated into the body ecology diet? Vitamin D is one of the body's main tools to fighting any form of infection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek44OeWAiDkv- the doctor in this video can explain it way better than I can. As far as myself, I tend to stay away from all seafood b/c of metal contamination and the only carbs I eat are low starch vegatables which I juice everyday. I still eat my beef, chicken, and eggs cooked - as well as the yolk, a
  20. Truth, sex is healthy and natural. However, high insulin levels are not healthy nor meant to be natural. Because the average person has a common diet of sugars and grains (which all get converted into insulin) for energy, insulin levels are elevated too high. Unfortunately after ejaculation, males recieve a spike in insulin as other hormones are converted into it. Yes insulin is a natural hormone however it should be balanced with your leptin levels. When insulin is allowed to be too prom
  21. Well, so far I have noticed that the dairy-free is working in a mild way; it seems that my joints in my shoulders and knees don't get sore as much. I lift weights and that usually can get joints inflamed a bit. The acne definately seems less inflamed and more quickly healing so far. I slipped up when i ate some protein bars that contained dairy and noticed a little more breakout afterwords. S

  22. Hey, i like the shades, man...

    Is that some hard sauce your sipping there?

  23. Jaxin, jaxin, Jaxin, you have to be careful about putting that f-word before my name without a comma.....

    instead of an interjection, we have a verb.... better hope c'est la vigne doesn't see that...

  24. I never saw oat-milk before; the other two, yes....I am going to have to try and find it. Is it avail only on line only? So far it seems that cutting milk is maybe a helping a small amount with the inflammation of acne. I have noticed my joints don't act up as much, which could be coincidental, but dairy is supposed to be pro-inflammatory.