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  1. Ok..so i have been using differin in combination with duac for just over 5 weeks and i must say that the outside appearence of my face is very good. Right now i have minimal acne at the surface and the red marks from previous stuff are fading nicely. The only thing im concerned about is that i never had an initial breakout. Although the outside of my face looks good if i stretch my skin i can see that there are several closed comedones...These closed comedones are not new and have been there for
  2. dfg123


    i just started differin and i have a bunch of clogged pores mostly on my cheek area and some on the jaw chin eara. Most of them arent raised when my skin is normal and most arent even raised when my skin is stretch. I can see the white spots when my skin is stretch and some are slightly raised to the touch however most arent. I was wondering when differin treats them is it possible that they will not surface. I am aware that the bacteria has to get out and the most common way is for it to turn i
  3. i have mild acne on just one side of my face its mostly all clogged pores that eventually get nasty and turn inflammed. I was trying to play that waiting game and let them naturally come out and its been like 10 weeks with minimal improvement. I am starting differin and was wondering if it could possibly cure me up within like 2 weeks. I know from everything ive read it says like 8-12 weeks to see improvement but has anyone who used it seen results a lot quicker if you acne is mild. I currently
  4. nah ive been sleeping on my back since february so it can't be that beleive me when i say ive thought of EVERYTHING i think it just might be that fact that a little shit started on that side and then it has just been spreading.....up until like 5 days ago i was sure things were getting better every day however i can see very very very very tiny white spots when i stretch my cheek skin or other areas around my jaw line mybe 10 new ones i havent seen before....Is differin worth it, i like to be ou
  5. Ive had mainly comedonal acne that surfaces to become inflammed. For whatever reason is really only on the right side of my face..believe me ive tried to think of every possibility for why this is happening and cant figure it out. Anyway i started to break out with that around thanksgiving never really having a problem with this type before. I was ignorant and tried a bunch of stuff myself which only made the problem worse. Around February 12th i stopped using everything except cetaphil genltle
  6. its not absurdly dry but just slightly dry..I had no comedonal acne until about 5 months ago n then had a bunch only one the left side of my face. I was on duac which made my skin really dry so i used a moistuizer which i beleieve caused me to get more clogged pores. I stopped using everything about 4 weeks ago and have seen most of the pores clear up via inflammed breakouts. Howver, i still hve 10-15 visible ones. I just dont want my dry skin to start causin more that will be visible in 2 weeks
  7. ive been washing twice daily with cetaphil gentle cleanser using nothing else on my skin but my skin has been really dry lately. I dont want to use a moisturizer because i suspect that it might have led to my current clogged pores but i dont want me having dry skin to cause anymore..should i not wash as often or not use a cleanser?
  8. i have 10-15 clogged pores on one side of my face the other side is clear. However these clogged pores never seem to leave. Occasionally they kind of flare up and become visible to touch and see and turn a little red however they do not come out. Instead they stay visible for a say a couple of days and then disappear, only to resurface later. I dont think they are different clogged pores because they are in the same spot and when they are dormant you can see the white clogged pore if you look in
  9. im tryin to take a more natural approach i was previously taking centirum but read iodine can be bad so i stopped taking it two days ago. I want to switch over to mens one a day because it says it doesnt contain any idoine...also it has a lot more copper which i heard is good if you take zinc also, which i do (25mg in addition to the 15 in the multivitamin)......basically i want to know if mens one a day is a good vitamin to take
  10. does icing them help get rid of them...i have a bunch on one side of my face and i really dont want them to become inflammed. How can i make them disappear without them surfacing?
  11. I think i suffer from having clogged pores on my face. Currently I have minimal inflamed acne but I have a ton of raised bumps on my skin that when you stretch and shine light on are much whiter than the surrounding skin. It looks as though there is stuff stuck in there ready to come out....however, it takes many weeks for one to surface. Basically what i want to know is these things -- if these are indeed clogged pores? -- How can i stop getting them? -- Will they naturally go away on their ow
  12. I have gone from having little to no acne to mild to moderate acne in the past 4 or so months. I am fed up applying topicals to my face every night and seeing no improvement. I am currently switching to using only water and a gentle cleaner. I have done it for 2 days and things are looking good but I want to know if this is a good idea or not i dont want to face a serious set back a week or more down the line and ruin everything. Before this i was washing my face with cleanser containing salicy
  13. I can see acne under my skin on my face when i stretch it. It just looks like white spots under my skin and eventually they come to the surface and get inflamed. However, they take forever to make it to the surface, like weeks. Is there anyway to kill them under the surface and or how do u prevent them from forming.
  14. mild acne mostly whiteheads on lower jaw and cheek area. I want to know opinions of my current regimen. Morning: Clean and Clear deep action cream cleanser sensitive skin (says it contains salicylic acid) Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion Night: Clean and Clear deep action cream cleanser sensitive skin (says it contains salicylic acid) Duac (contains BP) Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion I cant seem to eradicate the formation of new whiteheads. Although my face looks clear upon closer inspecti